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Conversation Between Yorae_paladin1 and Alhazad2003
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  1. Yorae_paladin1
    2016-04-09 17:40
    ah i see well hope kazuya does not wrong in this many do not respect him much and if does go for rape any respect they have will be gone and my respect will be gone

    as for Yuu yah he is a dummy but i think he is supposed to innocent hopeful dummy
  2. Yorae_paladin1
    2016-04-08 10:57
    Hey what happened in freezing 204 did kazuya do something dumb as for yuu he is fighter not planner
  3. Yorae_paladin1
    2016-04-07 09:03
    hi buddy how has it been
  4. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-04-07 16:14
    yeah still mokas can heal people in small doses it saved tsukune plenty of times it was multiple injections that vampire turned him.

    Gabriels pretty much is death unless you do to him what he did to laura and i doubt he gonna do that to another.

    I made a concept due to this inspiration from vampire academy fiction Moka and her breed i consider Moroi or human vampires mainly due to the fact there blood is life giving and they can procreate mina dance in the vampire bund counts as this. There also quite mortal for once you gets past there regen they can die and cannot auto ressurect. immunity to the sun as well Minas breed is an exception to this

    Gabriels breed is strigoi undead immortal vampires. much more powerful supernatural bits wise plus the fact they can come back to unlife when killed gabe being top of this since sticking him with copy combat crosses doesn't work although to be fair gabriel is still gods chosen one and thus holy power does not affect him due to that.

    more later
  5. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-07 02:06
    In a sense, their blood is very similar: it's too powerful for most beings to handle. Even those tank-like Gergoths couldn't withstand it for long, I'm amazed those humans didn't spontaneously combust from being possessed by Gabriel. Though Moka's is worse in a sense; it possesses Alucard's corrupt blood, which can do far worse than just kill someone as Gabriel's dies. Still, interesting observation, I admit. Neat.
  6. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-04-06 14:50
    Hey have you noticed that Gabriel and mokas vampire blood has differences Gabriels kill anything it comes in contact with unless said being replaces his blood with gabes while mokas blood can heal/ is life giving people only multiple or large injections turn a human into vampire bia mokas blood
  7. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-05 03:52
    Personally I thought that was a bit... much. I was okay with Omote being an artifact spirit made in Akasha's image, but having her be Akasha was too unbelievable for me. Even worse, Tsukune regarded her as "Moka-san" and not Ura-chan, talk about a slap in the face. All that talk about how he loved both Mokas equally, only to prove otherwise in the last chapter. Remember, Tsukune, actions speak louder than words. Akihisa really dropped the ball with that ending, and it'll haunt him for years to come. How are people supposed to take him seriously after how he ended his greatest story to date? A real shame, really is.
  8. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-04-04 21:45
    So what do you think of Omote being mokas mom in rosario + vampire
  9. Alhazad2003
    2014-04-03 02:50
    Exactly, I wonder if they were rushed for time, and thus had to take out any character development the last two acolytes, as well as Victor, would've had otherwise. I really hate rushed plots, and it definitely seems like they rushed the story in those instances. Just like the rushed ending of RV, it ruined an otherwise wonderful story. And that's a real shame.
  10. Yorae_paladin1
    2014-04-02 19:53
    True nergal the the sith lord one had a fight at least Gabriel cunningly tricked him into his castle where his power weaken while gabriels get stronger. the other should have had boss fight as in satan tells him to kill gabe as penace for leading him where he was to be summoned then if he fails satan rips out his face,

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