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Conversation Between Yorae_paladin1 and Silver Soul
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  1. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-07 12:45
    wow Rollo really did it he killed Shirley he is in a world of shit now if lulu finds out.
  2. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 17:07
    Its ok she did choose that path you can feel sorry for her still cause well she really wasn't ready for that life.
  3. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 16:58
    Yah glad Ginji offed his ass.
  4. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 16:52
    yah oh I also remember something about Chaka as they were stripping Yukio he said when they run out of clothing they would shave her bush if you know what I mean.

    Man chakas a pig
  5. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 16:46
    Eh I changed somethings in black lagoon to fit the code geass universe remember so the timeline may differ remember black lagoon takes place in our world unlike code geas where america doesn't exist. Plus Cornelia was a teen when she was kidnapped so the lagoon crew are a bit older than she is.
  6. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 16:40
    Don't you think?
  7. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 13:53
    yah soon its just takes time to come up with ideas im currently working on a chappy which explains how cornelia met up with lagoon company when she was a teen. Lets just say she got kidnapped by ninjas to ransom her off to her father, Her dad the emperor refused to rescue her saying if she was weak enough to get caught by meer assassins she ain't worht rescuing. I assume this cause of charles survival of the fittest creed.
  8. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 13:00
    yah but hey that isn't any of that nuns business sides aren't supposed to you know not fuck. By the way how goes your reading of my fic.
  9. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 11:23
    Eda at last ep of the anime asked if Rock and Revy did have sex which revy replied I ain't telling
  10. Yorae_paladin1
    2008-07-01 10:22
    sorry. Just telling it like it happened. Sorry if it disturbed you or offended you.

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