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Conversation Between Lilith and Malkuth
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  1. Malkuth
    2010-12-14 18:53
    Hm, I would like to know more about the accessible parts of the arab world, since I really want to leave western europe for some years; and UAE, Qatar, etc. are viable options (though you might be of shia/persian descent). Then again a public forum is not the best place to ask
  2. Lilith
    2010-12-06 11:03
    Haha, so you're a mix too.

    Well, cartoons are quite popular but only for children. And there are anime clubs here and there. Also, we have Kinokuniya (bookstore that sells manga) recently opening here and manga is popular.

    But I'm like you, still get weird looks when holding manga. My family always complain when I waste money on it LOL. Of course, liking yaoi/hentai is TOP SECRET. >_> The end~
  3. Malkuth
    2010-12-05 16:03
    LOL, I know what you mean ... I'm 3/4 Greek, 1/4 Irish, but live in Germany since 2005 ...

    Anyway, I was curious, about how people in the Arab world view anime, even more so because your native and female. I have a friend from Morocco that is into anime and fighting games, and he painted a fairly bleak picture about his country. Even here in Germany (which is supposed to be liberal and all), when I read manga on the train, I get some weird looks.
  4. Lilith
    2010-12-04 23:25
    It's okay. ^_^ I'm Iraqi but I was born and lived my life in the UAE so I think I'm a mix hee hee.
  5. Malkuth
    2010-12-04 19:31
    Sorry for the curiosity, but are you a native of the emirates?

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