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Conversation Between Nightengale and Chaos2Frozen
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  1. Nightengale
    2015-02-17 05:22
    Couldn't really give a damn about it.

    A lot of wuh hahs on the length, standard gameplay and whatnot. Ultimately, one should look at their wallets, their interest in games, and whether or not it meets the value proposition, etc.

    I'm planning to get it, but I go in with the same expectations I had of Destiny, which was that I knew what I was getting with Destiny was just the Alpha/Beta x 4. Some people had crazy expectations, I didn't.

    And if you know Malaysia, game prices don't really get cheaper until at least 8+ months later. On my end, there's no merit to hold it if I'm interested because it'll still be full price unless I'm willing to wait a long time, and Uncharted 4 is out by then.

    Personally, I think it's worth holding on your end. March brings a ton of awesome, and if it's even a bit much for you, don't worry about it.
  2. Chaos2Frozen
    2015-02-16 17:05
    What's your thoughts about this whole Order business Nighty? I meant what I said about the standard looking gameplay made me hesitant but I am genuinely interested after watching the first hour of it. However March is just around the corner and with it brings tons of awesome games, asking next gen full price is a bit much for me.
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2015-02-08 02:40
    Well since I'm in UK with an Asian account, I'll have no choice but to buy the digital version for Type-0 to get the demo.

    But man do I want a Bloodborne physical ~_~

    But seriously, this just pushes me towards Indie games and niche Japanese games more.
  4. Nightengale
    2015-02-08 02:33
    Long time to go -_-
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2015-02-06 17:52
    44 pounds for FF Type 0?! 49 pounds for Bloodborne?!?! What is this bullshit !?!

    When is the next gen tax going to end ?
  6. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-11-28 10:23
    ...thats never coming over is it (._.)
  7. Nightengale
    2014-11-28 03:39
    Phantasy Star Nova.
  8. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-11-27 12:02
    Now that Level 5 has come out of the woodworks, who are we left with? Tri-Ace? What happened to them after Star Ocean 4 and Ace Combat?
  9. Nightengale
    2014-10-16 08:05
    Well, the long-term cost associated with consoles are the games, and less the hardware itself.

    I'd say it's valid to be stingy and wait for a good deal where you get to have the console at the best value positioning with the desirable games out and possibly cheaper, because they've been out longer.
  10. Chaos2Frozen
    2014-10-15 08:11
    You know Nighty I've been thinking- If I'm buying a $700-$1000 smart phone whose electronics get all wonky after 3 years or so and needs replacement, is there any reason to be stingy with a console that cost half as much while lasting twice as long?

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