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Conversation Between Nightengale and Arabesque
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  1. Arabesque
    2011-07-07 16:50
    Sort was going to post this in the S7 thread, but it's sort of off topic


    Yu-Gi-Oh Manga = Story of personal demons, lost memories, card games and Egypt.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Anime = The above + Fate of the World is at stake! Now with Armed Dealers, Atlantis and World-Encompassing Shadow RPG!

    Now, the funny thing here is that in general, I personally believe the anime has... added stuff to the story that was better than the original story... half the time.

    But his original stories?

    I mean sure, he took some really creative (and strange) liberalities with his fillers in the original YGO! anime, but do recall that none of that really amounted to anything other than ''side adventures'' that you could skip at leisure and not miss a thing. Furthermore, it was within the realms of the setting (kinda :P) so at the end none of it really had much of an impact on the overall tale.

    I mean yeah, at times the anime was more interesting and straight out better than the manga, but generally the changes he made didn't really alter much from the story.

    Unless we bring up GX or 5D's

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