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Conversation Between Anh_Minh and mangatron
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  1. mangatron
    2011-04-19 03:21
    Hm hm. You know, I actually feel they kind of mishandled Sink's screentime after the battle, which all started when, for a hero that just saved the country from being conquered, someone else does his interview, then he goes around town with a girl that just doesn't care, and probably the only real smart thing that happened was his phone call(s), which ended there. Wrong bath, a kidnapping, maybe the concert was to be his grand "thank you", but something tells me he won't be having his welcoming party/grand dinner anytime soon
  2. Anh_Minh
    2011-04-19 02:37
    I think, for morale purposes, that it was legitimate to keep him out of sight while he was all depressed.

    But, once he'd worked past it, by trying to make him depressed again with gratuitous insult, I think Eclair's crossed a line. I know we tend to forgive a lot of cute girl. Just chalk it up to tsundere-ness, as if it was an excuse. But not this time. Not for me. Bitch. I'm not saying she's irredeemably evil. But she still needs a serious attitude adjustment.

    And if she truly thinks things like "no point being depressed, just fight for us", that's just self-serving. They have no right to expect more out of him. Certainly not to be happy on command. So, yeah. It's nice that he's still willing to help, it's nice he's mostly regained his cheer... they should be grateful for it. Not take him for granted.
  3. mangatron
    2011-04-18 20:52
    So, with respect to the other members in this forum, I thought we'd not ruin everything in that thread and instead clear up a few things here.

    I'm not justifying Eclair's behaviour as true and just, it's without a doubt she's been rude to him since the battle and she's not helping his situation, although it cannot be overlooked that she has her own reason for acting the way she did, though not deserving of the title "bitch" (which in my opinion I'd reserve to a woman who'd have stolen my money) In fact, no one's helping his situation anytime soon, so there really was no reason to continue brooding over that fact, and there's no point in trying to despair over that fact, and with regards to absolutely no way of knowing when the next battle was going to happen, he really had no right to potentially ruin everyone's expectations of him after all the flair and hubbub of his flashy victory, regardless if he knew he could go home or not, considering the flashy acrobatics he pulled off several times to start episode 01, which for all intent and purposes is to show us what he really wanted to do, alien world or not: and that is... athletics. It was his choice to fight, and if he can't even get home, there's no point in regretting it now, especially after seeing the sudden kidnapping of Millimeter, anything can happen at any time, heck he could have been kidnapped making his world a whole lot worse. At least he had company, huh?

    By the way, just thought I'd let you know that I have a habit of nicknaming characters, as I've watched so much anime over the decades, I like to depend largely on memory for remembering characters, and thus is the reason for why I name them the way I do

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