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Conversation Between Shiroth and Westlo
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  1. Westlo
    2011-05-11 04:28
    I highly recommend watching the Rurouni Kenshin Memories OVA, I personally gave it a 10, RK TV an 8 (Tokyo = 7, Kyoto = 9, Everything else... 5), Movie a 5 and Reflections a 7.

    And as you can see I don't hand out 10's easy.. I would love to give KnK as a whole a 10... even though I've rated 2 movies 9 and the rest 8 lol.. but as a whole it's a 10 period Don't know how that works... better than it's collective parts?

    And Iwasaki's is at his best here... as much as I love his new "hip" sound that Gurren Lagann really showcased.. I wish he would go back to his RK OVA roots... which is why he needs to do the reboot if it happens!
  2. Shiroth
    2011-03-28 14:21
    Oh believe me i'll never forget. It's just that Sugita as Switch is much more important. :3
  3. Westlo
    2011-03-28 03:32
    Hey hey hey, you're forgetting that Natsu = Roman in Sket Dance.
  4. Shiroth
    2010-10-05 14:46
    Are you not going to watch any of the episodes you missed? Sure there's a lot of classic mahou shoujo filler, though there's still some seriously good episodes to be seen. Upto you anyway. :3

    & yeah so tempted to change to a Moonlight avatar. If you make any, please share.
  5. Westlo
    2010-10-05 01:39
    I'll probably switch to Cure Moonlight very quickly... lol @ me only watching eps 1-2 and 33-34 of heartcatch... Cure Moonlighs rebirth was pretty awesome... going to have to watch the series properly now.
  6. Shiroth
    2010-10-04 05:31
    Can't blame you for switching to Kirino . She's all kinds of adorable, and very fitting as a Westlo girl. :3
  7. Westlo
    2010-10-03 23:18
    Didn't last long though lol.. was too lazy to request an Astrea avatar and than saw this Kirino one.
  8. Shiroth
    2010-10-02 16:45
    It's good to see Azaka again. :3
  9. Shiroth
    2010-09-16 06:08
    Ah that's good to hear then. I don't wanna end up being afraid of playing the game because of an awful dub, so that's good. If it wasn't for Kingdom Hearts: BBS, i would have had VC2 on release day.
  10. Westlo
    2010-09-16 05:51
    Ah no I haven't flashed my bros PSP, I just know about the existence of an undub patch due to reading the Neogaf thread for VC2. I don't mind the dub, Avan's annoying laugh and all but I've heard far worse.

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