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Conversation Between Shiroth and Kirarakim
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  1. Shiroth
    2011-01-05 16:41
    Nah it's cool when people have different usernames online. I've just used Shiro since a very early age, and seeing as though many people will have used that already, adding a 'th' to that makes it more special. :3
  2. Kirarakim
    2011-01-05 12:07
    yeah that is why I figured I should let you know who just started following you. It would be easy if I had the same name as on here.
  3. Shiroth
    2011-01-05 11:04
    Yeah i noticed you lock them. Also didn't help when i was trying to work out who you were originally. :3

    Though i can easily understand why you'd do the locking.
  4. Kirarakim
    2011-01-05 10:29
    I actually lock my tweets (as you can see) so I don't let just anyone stalk me.

    I love Yotsuba. One of my favorite manga series.
  5. Shiroth
    2011-01-05 10:25
    Twitter is basically all about stalking people, so i'm all cool with that. :3

    Nice Yotsuba avatar as well. Had no idea you read that fantastic manga.
  6. Kirarakim
    2011-01-05 10:24
    Ha Ha I wanted you to know I wasn't some strange stalker (although maybe I am )
  7. Shiroth
    2011-01-05 10:22
    Ah so that's who just started following me :3. Awesome. Shall follow you!
  8. Kirarakim
    2011-01-05 10:20
    I just realized you were on twitter thanks to White Manju Bun. I am Kimalysong on there (I wanted to let you know it was me).
  9. Kirarakim
    2010-02-04 19:41
    I know but I didn't want to use one that everyone else was using and the Kou/Aoba ones seem the most used. I am just being silly...I might change it later.
  10. Shiroth
    2010-02-04 04:27
    Why not pick one then? There's a few to choose from in the thread.

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