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Conversation Between cheyannew and SeijiSensei
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  1. cheyannew
    2009-12-02 23:47
    Ahh; yeah I know that feeling, I'm only 5'5, I started mine at around 11... NOT a fan....

    I got the girl just the regular, no underwire, lined ones, since "headlights" were her issue to begin with and it made her feel embarrassed. It was a pain in the arse heehee but at least I know places to get stuff from, now...
    She can buy herself padded stuff when she's out of my house heehee....
  2. SeijiSensei
    2009-12-02 23:16
    I happened upon your comments about training bras in the Sexuality thread this evening. I'm a single dad and haven't been involved in buying lingerie for my daughter since she turned about twelve (she's eighteen now). Most of her bras she's either bought herself, or they were bought for her by her mother or grandmother. I, too, was surprised by the number of padded bras she's received over the years, particularly the ones from grandma. She certainly has no need to amplify her figure, so I wondered where this fetish came from. I suspect that her grandmother was afraid that if she wore a thin, unpadded bra her nipples might occasionally protrude, and we certainly couldn't let that happen, could we?

    (I must admit though, as a man, I find erect nipples protruding through clothing quite sexy. It always adds a little spice to watching women's tennis.)

    I'm sure I would have had the same reaction as you to a lace, plunge, underwire training bra. What, precisely, is this designed to train a girl for?

    She had her first period at about 10 1/2, an event I recall rather vividly. I was starting to prepare for it mentally, but I wasn't ready for it to happen quite that soon. One unfortunate consequence of starting early is that it freezes the girl's height at that point. She'd have preferred to have started later and to have ended up a couple of inches taller.

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