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Conversation Between Tatiana Razajev and Littm
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  1. Tatiana Razajev
    2009-11-26 13:23
    Tatiana Razajev
    I'll give the generic "I'm fine" answer.
  2. Littm
    2009-11-25 10:15
    Hey, long time no see. How are you?
  3. Tatiana Razajev
    2009-04-07 18:13
    Tatiana Razajev
    Interesting. The honest truth is among the two names I know her by, I had no real of confirming for myself which was more accurate. I kind of have to trust others in a lot of these case.
  4. Littm
    2009-04-07 18:05
    Actually, Tatyana Lasaeiva makes more sense. They just messed with grammar a bit. ))
  5. Tatiana Razajev
    2009-04-07 17:26
    Tatiana Razajev
    If you're talking about the "Tatiana Razajev" thing, it's the name of a character from Romancing SaGa 3. To be exact that's how her name appears in one of the guidebooks I have for the series. The book is mostly in Japanese, but her name is shown in English.

    Since her name was spelled that way in an official book I started to make use of it. Although some I've talked to at other forums would argue that "Tatyana Lasaeiv" actually makes more sense and is the name that one should be using.

    Over time, I've grown to accept the idea of using "Tatyana Lasaeiv" instead. However by the time I did I had already chosen my nick for this forum. I probably should have used "Tatyana Lasaeiv" from the start...
  6. Littm
    2009-04-07 15:29
    What's with your nick ? Sounds strange...

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