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Conversation Between Tatiana Razajev and Miki7
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  1. Tatiana Razajev
    2008-08-13 20:00
    Tatiana Razajev
    I get the feeling the purpose of the "rival" mentality has evolved over time. At first was just a simple case of competition and nothing more. However I think at this point it's become a defense of some sorts. Perhaps she's afraid/hesitant to admit she likes Kei for whatever reason. So she could be using the rival thing to avoid the issue.

    Still I guess a lot of it depends on when the transition happened. When did Hikari goes from simply seeing Kei as a rival and instead started to see him as something more? That can make quite a bit of difference in terms of what will happen in the remaining episodes.
  2. Miki7
    2008-08-13 17:55
    you bet she is!! God Lord!! She just thinks on beat him...well I do think she likes him, but she even noticed that, will she notices if she'll be jealous? We'll see
  3. Tatiana Razajev
    2008-08-12 19:29
    Tatiana Razajev
    Kei and Hikari is one of those it's just a matter of time things. That much I'm sure of. The question is "How long will it take?". The problem is more with Hikari than Kei since she's too focused on competition.
  4. Miki7
    2008-08-12 18:44
    For me episode 18 and 19, until now, are my favorites. but it's a shame that the relationship with hikari and takishima still didn't you think they're gonna be together? I heard they won't
  5. Tatiana Razajev
    2008-08-12 18:33
    Tatiana Razajev
    I'll just say for the record yes I do like Special A. The first few episodes gave me worry because it could have gone down a terrible direction. However as it progressed it proved it was planning to go down the right direction. Episode 19 for me is the best so far.
  6. Miki7
    2008-08-12 16:33
    Thank you for accepting me like a friend Do you like "Special A"?

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