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Conversation Between Tempest35 and usspaul
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  1. Tempest35
    2012-02-03 08:53
    Hnn, I actually never saw it to be honest...
  2. usspaul
    2012-01-31 22:52
    hey tempest what do you think of the girls from horizon anime ? lol if you want i got some nice images from that anime XD
  3. usspaul
    2011-03-06 18:50
    more like being fired because of a mistake that i didnt really do. basicly when i created a lable for a product the barcode on it was wrong. though because thier was no recipe the lead line tech had to create it and when he did he inputted the wrong barcode. thus when i went to create the lable for exhibits i put in the right information concerning the lot and experation date and the type of medicine and how many cartons go into a box right . but the barcode itself was wrong by 2 numbers. for instance there was suppost to be a 24 in parentheses instead of 12. the QAs and production who are suppost to check all that didnt catch it but i heard down the grape vine they want to fire everyone who is involved with that lable. so now im worried i might get the axe tomorrow . i really hope i dont
  4. Tempest35
    2011-03-06 18:44
    Is it due to Lay-offs?
  5. usspaul
    2011-03-06 17:41
    dude man im scared right now... really scared i might be losing my job tomorrow its scared me to death
  6. usspaul
    2010-02-17 21:49
    well i cant wait tell you find the bigger version of that image. of course then that image will be my new wallpaper on my psp XD
  7. Tempest35
    2008-12-23 23:46
    Well, head on over to the Club - got new pics for everyone.
  8. usspaul
    2008-12-19 07:50
    i love both inner and outer for diffrent reasons, i like outers cutnes and well inner is to die for , her bad assness and her beautiful is just ...i dont know how to explain it just that well she spend a lot of times in my dreams lol
  9. Tempest35
    2008-12-19 07:47
    I actually had picked that up from Daarabou or whatever just before I came over to AS yesterday...

    Inner, yahoohoo~
  10. usspaul
    2008-12-19 07:44
    i hope you liked the inner kicking the censor bat lol, i thought it was a really hawt picture of inner in like a more xmas outfit , like something out of my dreams XD

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