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Conversation Between debbiechan and Amirali
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  1. Amirali
    2008-09-14 23:01
    Accidentally entered the rep before I could type it completely. I meant to say:

    "Ouch. I may not be Ichi-Ruki, but you got in some incisive zingers in your last post."
  2. debbiechan
    2008-08-03 15:32
    Hi! In answer to your question (sorry if I'm late--I rarely log on, just read), I'm an UlquiHime shipper too and I've always said that the Ulquiorra and Orihime relationship seems promising--not in a romantic way, though. Orihime changes everyone she comes into contact with--I can't imagine her not affecting the heartless heart of this supposed Monster. My money's still on IshiHime. XD I see UlquiHime before I see IchiHime, though.
  3. Amirali
    2008-07-20 22:27
    Hi, debbiechan. I've always known you as a big IshiHime supporter. What do you think of the latest upsurge in UlqHime hopes?

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