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Conversation Between ShuiMei and Nervous Venus
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  1. ShuiMei
    2008-07-21 21:12
    I missed a lot of stuff in the beginning as well! Like I had not noticed before that Ichigo was not particularly protective of Rukia in the beginning, he trusted her to take care of herself and didn't really worry about her when she engaged in battle, I found that the whole over-protective Ichigo thing is actually a fairly recent development!

    Anyway, you always find something new when you go back and read things, I love the early volumes of Bleach, it was so quirky and fun <3 Happy reading!

    Thanks for reading my journal, they're all essentially the posts I've made about Ichigo/Rukia and such for the past few years since I got into the fandom (Haha, it all started with this thread actually...) If you have any thoughts or comments when you're reading, feel free to comment!

    LOL... I noticed, I suppose we just can't help ourselves
  2. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-21 21:08
    Nervous Venus
    I didn't last very long, lol
  3. Nervous Venus
    2008-07-21 14:17
    Nervous Venus
    Thanks, it means a lot.

    Aside from the pettiness, I'm also bowing out for now for a few other reasons, one being that I need to catch up wih the manga. I actually didn't even notice Ichigo acting nice to Rukia at all pre-SS (which was what I had been mislead to believe, as I used to ship the other couple). Going back to re-read the manga on my own, without letting people on both sides affect my take on certain scenes in the manga really broadens my view on things,

    and if I'd like to make any meaningful discussions, I'll need to have ample information stored up before jumping in.

    BTW, I love your posts on the IchiRuki relationship dynamic in your LJ . I only started reading it recently, so I'll have some catching up to do there.
  4. ShuiMei
    2008-07-21 05:36
    I agree with Amirali, I do enjoy reading your posts so I hope if you ever have something to say that you'll post it. However, I understand your sentiments completely in that the thread can be harmful in regards to one's sanity, so wanting to take a break and distance yourself is only natural.

    Personally, I still read the thread fairly often but I can't be bothered to participate in the ongoing pettiness.

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