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Conversation Between Undertaker and marvelB
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  1. Undertaker
    2012-02-28 11:06
    I edit my last post with links to live gameplay footage from Chinese forums that you might be interest. Right now the player is working on beating Kizaru.
  2. marvelB
    2011-08-23 22:47
    Hmmm..... I suppose it would be OK to post the pics in the anime discussion thread, but just use spoiler tags and make sure to warn folks in advance just in case any of them haven't caught up to the manga beforehand.

    But really, considering there's already advertisements for merchandise featuring the post-skip designs to begin with (like Gigant Battle 2, for instance), I wonder if those scans are really such a big spoiler to begin with!
  3. Undertaker
    2011-08-23 13:06
    I got 2 spoiler pics for New World Anime. where do you think I should post it to?

    Here's the pics, I uploaded them to my Photobucket so use the link as you see fit.

  4. Undertaker
    2011-06-15 00:17
    Ture, compare to 3rd party support Nintendo had in the past decade, it not a bad start. But again, I'm still king of pessimistic about it considering all those games also receives 360 and PS3 ports. Unless the finished product on Wii-U is visually superior than other ports by a good margin, it's still tough to say.

    Also the controller really looks awkward, and the report that controller lacks analog sticks and trigger does sit well me. We've seen controller with screen before in Dreamcast, (a fine system BTW, just too back it was Sega) and it wasn't a gimmick that people find interesting back than and I don't know it that changes now.

    As for Fabula Nova Crystallis, seriously, wasn't this whole thing planned from the beginning? And here we are, FF13-2 is on verge of release and yet there are still only tibits on ino on the others. As for QTE, I'm fine with it if it is used as say final animation for taking down bosses or similar to what Legend of Dragoon or Wild Arm's battle system did as ways to enhance normal attack damage.

    As for Zero no Kiseki, that is suppose to be a whole new work but in the same world. The title is considered as the 7th game for Legend of Heroes series. So I'm worring about it too much. I'm more concern on whether or not Trails of the Sky trilogy getting a complete release. It would really suck it they don't just because PSV is coming out....
  5. marvelB
    2011-06-14 16:00
    Well, my main point about Ninja Gaiden is that it's the first NG game to appear on a non-portable Nintendo console since...... like, the SNES days. Heck, even Batman: Arkham City is seeing a Wii-U release. If the console gets more big-name third party titles added to its library along with a few exclusives (like how the original Wii had games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, for instance), then Nintendo could actually seen as a proper competitor against the likes of Sony and Microsoft, rather than the sticky reputation it's been holding for the past few years as a panderer to the "casual" crowd.

    Now, back to the subject of RPGs: Honestly, I'm not really much into SRPGs (I played Final Fantasy Tactics (both the original and PSP versions at that), but I've still never managed to complete it). I really enjoy Megami Tensei stuff, though (and yes, I'm most looking forward to the localization of Innocent Sin, myself. Hopefully, Eternal Punishment shall follow suit, as well). As far as the "core" Final Fantasy titles are concerned, I do like that the upcoming sequel to Final Fantasy 13 seems to address a lot of the problems that the original had, but I'm still wary about it (QTEs in boss battles? Eh....). I'm actually more interested in the other Fabula Nova Crystallis titles, to be honest (particularly Versus (which has been in development for...... ever ), but Type-0 holds my interest as well, admittedly). I'm also aware that Dragon Quest 10 is going to be Wii-exclusive, but there's no other info on it so far, otherwise (I just hope that it'll be as awesome as 5 and 8, is all).

    As for Falcom.... man, I just love their stuff. I'm actually in the middle of playing Trails of the Sky right now, and I'm addicted to it like crack. I really want Xseed to localize the second and third parts of TotS as soon as they can as well, but then there's the matter of the sequels to those games (Zero no Kiseki, the upcoming Ao no Kiseki, etc.), and..... that's gonna take some time. But really, more than anything right now I'm interested in knowing what new titles Falcom will develop for the PSV. I want Ys 8 more than anything, but I'm also down for a sequel to any of their lesser known titles (like Popful Mail or Gurumin), or even a new franchise altogether, as long as it's awesome!
  6. Undertaker
    2011-06-10 20:41
    I don't really see that as solid backing though. Tecmo, imean Tecmo-Koei always go with the most powerful system and can jump anytime and their games, while good, aren't really system movers and rarely exclusive.

    Ninja Gaiden 3 will no doubt be beautiful given Tecmo's reputation, but with the game being on PS3 and 360 as well and what we know of first-gen software on a new system. I doubt it'll be the game that would shows/hints what Wii-U can do.

    As for PSV I wish it'll have even better RPG library than PSP or DS (for that matter). PSP's RPG library is great, better than this gen's console, but a lot of them are remakes of classic. (not there is anything wrong with that) I just wish there are more original title.

    And yes Falcom is awsome, it really establish itself as the go to developer for classic JRPG. I just with there are more games being ported to US. I would be really pissed if Xseed don't port Chapter 2 and 3 of The Legend of Heroes IV: Trail of the Sky. Granted I have the Chinese PC version, but I rarely play games on my PC and they are just sitting in my room gathering dusts right now. I wanted to by Ch1, but afraid that XSEED won't port the other two chapters.

    I had enough of Shining Force III and Persona 2 crap.

    Other than Falcom, I love Nippo Ichi's SRPGs too. my only complain would that that most of their storyline, while good, are too comedic in nature with little casts. (too much customization) And as for Square-Enix, other Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, I really don't anticipate their new game like I used to when I was their bitch.

    I mean DQ is where you go for classic JRPG but is getting stall with similar storyline and setting, while FF is still great and is what you want if you're looking for production value and cutting edge graphic and attempt. With that being saidk while unlike most other so call FF diehards which always cry about going back to FF root. (what root? IMO, FF has alway being a series with changes and revamps and experimentation) I like recent FF game, but that still doesn't mean I want all my JRPG like that and it seems SE's other offering are all try to be FF with new gimmick and what not that simply put me off.

    Speaking of Persona II, Innocent Sin is finally coming to U.S. on PSP I just hope Eternal Punishment would come soon be after (or at least on PSone Classic for download) so I can play both on my PSP.

    Last rant, I really hope Konami would announce Suikoden 6. That is a great series. ( other than suikoden 4) I still waiting to see the rest of True Runes.....
  7. marvelB
    2011-06-10 19:54
    Well thankfully, the Wii-U actually IS starting to address the whole third-party issue (seriously, Darksiders 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 on a Nintendo console!? Oh my! ). Some news on a new numbered Final Fantasy (that's not an MMO) wouldn't go amiss for the system, either (and if that ever happens, they like, seriously need to get Uematsu back to do the soundtrack. Guys like Sakimoto and Hamauzu aren't bad, but their contributions to the franchise just pale in comparison to my dawg Nobuo....).

    As for the Vita (which I personally prefer to call PSV), the name doesn't really bother me, either (I just find it slightly silly, is all). I'm still looking forward to it though, mainly for the RPGs. The original PSP has a pretty impressive RPG collection, so I'm expecting the PSV to follow suit. Funnily enough though, I'm actually looking forward more to Falcom's contributions to the system rather than Square-Enix (c'mooon, Ys 8! ).
  8. Undertaker
    2011-06-10 19:19
    didn't want to go off topic in OP.

    Seriously, at least, Wii can either mean "we" or sound enthusiastic "wheee!!!" but Wii-U? Unless its as you said it pronounces as "Woo!!!" that name just doesn't make any sort of sense.

    As for Nintendo games, they really needs to change the problem on their 3rd party support. I've never seen a system that sold as many as Wii that had this bad of 3rd party representation. The could have destroyed the competition like Sony did with PS1 and PS2, but instead, both system creep right back and had better software sales. (where the money is) It has being gotten worse by the system even since N64 and with Wii-U been a suppose powerhouse, I don't know how it can expect it to have Wii/PS(1&2) like sales without 3rd party games when Nintendo's 1st party games were never about cutting edge graphics or FMVs.

    As for Vita, if they just call Vita, it'll be fine, but if the full fame is Playtation Vita or PSP Vita that's just way too mouth-ful. But there are worse console names I can thing of.

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