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Conversation Between Undertaker and Marcus H.
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  1. Marcus H.
    2011-06-25 09:15
    Marcus H.
    It's actually a lot of stuff. You can choose which topics you want, and you can even create articles if needed. I just need your knowledge on the light novels.

    Oh, and can you clarify whether Victorique or Victorica is the official spelling of Victorique's name. They say that the author apologized for the confusion and retconned that somewhere.
  2. Undertaker
    2011-06-25 07:57
    what topic do you need me to do?
  3. Marcus H.
    2011-06-25 00:40
    Marcus H.
    Need some help on the Gosick Wiki, if you're available. The finale's fast approaching, you know.
  4. Marcus H.
    2011-05-29 03:17
    Marcus H.
    It's a Wikia site.
    Just register so that I know who's editing the site.
  5. Undertaker
    2011-05-29 02:24
    It's up to you, I have work, so I can only help you during my spare time.

    BTW, are you talking about the real wiki or is there a separate Gosick-only wiki?

    If it's just the regular wiki, I can just edit in the info that you'll need.
  6. Marcus H.
    2011-05-29 01:54
    Marcus H.
    Perfect! Just what I need. I appreciate your help. By the way, how will you contribute? Will you hand the information or edit them directly into the Wiki?
  7. Undertaker
    2011-05-29 00:57
    I own the Chinese version of v1-v6 and s1-s3. But yeah, I can help out on my spare time.
  8. Marcus H.
    2011-05-28 23:56
    Marcus H.
    Oh, seems that you know much about the light novels. Can you help me out in filling in the Gosick Wiki? I need someone who is very familiar with the novels, and you might just be the one I need. :3

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