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Conversation Between Chiibi and NK_500
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  1. Chiibi
    2012-12-29 14:38
    In that case, I recommend you stay away from the smutty titles; mostly those published by ShoComi. Instead, go with the titles by Ribon, Hana To Yume, or Nakayoshi. Daa! Daa! Daa! is indeed a Nakayoshi manga and a cute one! I have a couple imported volumes.
    I heavily recommend Arina Tanemura as she is my favorite author with her lovely artwork and feminist attitude. She has a fondness to show a girl's strong side and still keep her feminine and she does it WELL.
    Princess 9 looks good. I saw a trailer a very long time ago...probably on a VHS tape. o_o
  2. NK_500
    2012-12-28 21:06
    Okay I actually don't hate much shoujo. I only hate those which had stupid heroines who become victims of their own romances, which I'm sure you're no big fan of. There still some good shoujo though. One that don't have problems with me is Special A. While lots of people seems to hate it due to similarities to Ouran High School Host Club but I liked it anyway. I prefer to cal it as a shoujo approach to Ranma 1/2 instead. Another is Daa Daa Daa or UFO Baby. What makes UFO Baby awesome because it doesn't try to pander fujioshi or such. Instead it's a comedy and slice-of-life hybrid. However my personal best shoujo show I've seen is Princess 9. It had strong "girl power" feels in any shoujo shows but unfortunately lack of bishies and steamy but one-sided romance make most English-speaking shoujo fans to ignore it.
  3. NK_500
    2012-12-28 18:36
    Well because I dislike(not hate) shoujo in general. I just don't like how they portray the heroine. Since it was marketed for women I can't say much but for me none is likable in any way. Just my opinion though.
  4. Chiibi
    2012-12-28 12:28
    Your views on shoujo series are very large misconceptions, my friend. =_=

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