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Conversation Between Kleo Scanti and BBOY_HOLLYWOOD
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  1. Kleo Scanti
    2010-01-18 16:59
    Kleo Scanti
    OVA - the same story, but shorter. Manga has much more than the anime, more stories, further progress. Not much further romance-wise though. And it's smarter.
    2010-01-18 13:24
    ah now i understand, thanks! what does ova stand for? and also does the manga go further on with the story then the show or is it the same thing in book form? And if im asking too many questions just let me know lol. But I appreciate you answering them!
  3. Kleo Scanti
    2010-01-18 03:58
    Kleo Scanti
    You're not allowed to start a new topic in some sub-forums. Only the moderators can do it.

    As for AMG, there are much more. There is an old OVA (5 episodes), Adventures of Mini-Goddesses (humorous TV series), the movie and Tatakau Tsubasa (TV Special which you should watch after two seasons of the TV series). Oh, and there is the manga, of course, which is much better than any anime adaptation.
    2010-01-17 15:01
    Yeah Im sorry my question was hard to understand. I just don't understand how to start a new topic? I know how to reply to a thread that was already started, but I can't seem to find out how to start a new thread itself. And also I finished off season 1 and 2 of ah my goddess, is that all there is?
  5. Kleo Scanti
    2010-01-11 17:37
    Kleo Scanti
    Hi! I don't really understand your question. This forum works like any other forum, anime-related or not. You go to the topics, read them and post your thoughts if you wish. Reading the rules first is a good idea as well. Don't know what else to say.
    2010-01-11 17:28
    Hey! Um i have kinda never used a site like this before so idk whats really going on or what people are talking about. I just messaged you randomly cause you had an ah my goddess pic. Pretty much where I am from nobody likes anime and im the only one and got know to talk to about it haha. So this site is pretty tight that people like it too. I've only watched ah my goddess and a few others but can you explain to me how i post things?

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