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Conversation Between fizzmaister and SonicSP
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  1. fizzmaister
    2014-02-20 21:25
    I guess that's it.

    Enjoying Build Fighters?
  2. SonicSP
    2014-02-07 13:44
    Particle tank is probably more simple descriptive of what it actually is. It really reminds me of the GN Drive and Solar Furnace terms, where they are pretty much interchangeable and mean the same thing.

    The anime doesn't use the term GN Condenser in its entire run though, its used particle tank exclusively in the few times where the technology is mentioned. Usually in terms of 00 Raiser or Ptolemy's Condensers. My guess is that particle tank gets straight to the point and is more obvious, hence why the script likes to use it instead of GN Condensers. Not only that, the term ryushi tanku is in Japanese so it's descriptive compared to name of other GN terms, which is exclusively English.
  3. fizzmaister
    2014-02-05 15:37
    According to that picture they do seem interchangeable. On the other hand, as you've mentioned, there are different types of condensers. It might be the tech team using the two names interchangeably so there's less confusion (except for people like us who care about it).
  4. SonicSP
    2014-01-28 05:28
    Hey Fizzmeister.

    This is also regarding the GN Condenser discussion earlier. The Gundam Perfect File sourcebook noted them as interchangeable terms. In the section with the picture of the 0 Gundam A.C.D.'s particle tank you can see the words "GN Condenser" written in katakana where beside it in parenthesis, it writes "particle tank" or ryushi tanku in katakana and kanji I believe. This is similar to what I outlined in my previous post, though the difference with this scan is that its written in more clearer "side by side interchangeable parenthesis format".
  5. SonicSP
    2014-01-10 05:03
    Nice to see you message after all this time, and on a 00 theory stuff too .I just so happened to be reading a condenser and drive old discussion post the other day. Hope you are doing fine.

    With respect, I still differ in my opinion in regards to this theory as I still thing GN Condensers and GN Particle Tanks are the same thing. For the moment, I think their just different terminology to refer to the same thing, much like GN Drives and Solar Furnaces refer to the same thing.

    From an in-universe point of view, I think 00 Raiser GN Condenser Type is an example of this. The name of the suit is Condenser, which suggests that the new powerplants can be categorized as that, but Sumeragi in the movie refers them as a tanks (having watched the scene recently, I recall her said "ryushi tank", which would be particle tank). In addition, the MG 00 Raiser manual names them as "GN Particle Tanks" (they use the particle tank kanji-katakana I believe instead of the condenser katakana) instead as well yet the name of the unit is 00 Raiser GN Condenser Type. With the main differentiators being the tanks, a reasonable conclusion that can be made here would be that they're interchangeable terms, at least I think it's reasonable anyways.

    I don't think your theory is wrong, I think they are different storage types that are meant to optimized on either storage capacity or charge-release rates but I differ in the sense that I believe all of them to be category that can be categorized as the same. Likely the technology is similar enough that the terms can be used across nicely but possible specific design difference may possibly exists. The drive-type Condensers for example, may have a more emphasis on storage than say the body condensers since the former are sometimes used as primary energy source, especially if the unit isn't designed to dock with a GN Drive machine often.

    For example, 00 Gundam has been noted to rely on some super high performance Condensers for its frame to work with the high volume of the Twin Drive. The other Gundams were not mentioned to have them even though more storage condenser would be beneficial for any unit especially drive output is not as high. I assume suits like Seravee makes use of more Condensers in terms of numbers/size than 00 (which would be one reason for Seravee's above average size) but its condenser type is more optimize with less particle input that comes with a single Drive, then 00's, which were meant for the more powerful Twin Drive. Seravee was never documented be designed like the this, but Virtue was. Seravee could be to Cherudim/Arios like Virtue was to Exia/Dynames/Kyrios as the "single drive with higher than average condensers", where as 00 in my uses a totally different type optimized for Twin Drive and its output.

    I haven't read the 1 Gundam thread recently, but as I recall.....there's a description of a particle tank on somewhere on its body while the picture labels the orbs on its arms as Condensers?

    Speaking of 00, I even theorizing recently about how the Twin Drive works. Wrote a long essay on my phone that's still bro done but mostly written. Trying to keep the the technology/methodology the same as possible between the normal Twin Drive and the Condenser Twin Drive, but I lack the knowledge to explains such a strange phenomenon (basically just involve magically multiplying the particles, and just the particles. Yay logic).
  6. fizzmaister
    2014-01-05 01:30
    Hey Sonic, long time no see. I figured something out about GN Tanks and GN condensers and thought I might as well share it with you.

    My working theory was that GN Tanks have a steady release rate and GN Condensers can be charged up and down. I was on the right track, but I've been learning about power systems and something come up that explains why the GN Cannon has GN Tanks and GN Condensers, instead of just one of the two.

    GN Tanks have more total particle storage capacity, but the very nature that makes them good at storing particles densely, makes it relatively slow to discharge. GN Condensers on the other hand, can deliver GN particles very quickly, but at the cost of not having as much space as the GN Tanks. Make sense?
  7. fizzmaister
    2011-10-11 14:04
    Yeah, there hasn't been too much to talk about this past year. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  8. SonicSP
    2011-10-10 17:35
    Hey, Happy Birthday!!!!! Again!!!! Happy 22!!!! ^__^

    Huh, my last message here was also a Happy Birthday a year ago.
  9. fizzmaister
    2011-01-03 20:32
    Trawling through pages of 00 mechanics and I'll try to get add my two cents to the conversation. Also, the 00 movie was great. Not perfect, but lots of fun.
  10. fizzmaister
    2010-12-04 20:42
    I still pop up here, but I've had a few more spoilers than I would like, so I'm waiting for the 00 movie to get subbed, then I'll be back in force on the mechanics and sidestories threads, right now, I stick to the Q&A thread, the picture threads and the Wing thread, (but not frozen teardrop). If you want to run any theories by me, just leave a VM, just no movie spoilers please.

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