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Conversation Between carmolita and miroku2192
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  1. carmolita
    2009-12-15 14:51
    have you seen chrome shelled regios? It's so good!!! I'm checking out your suggestion now ..
  2. miroku2192
    2009-12-07 19:58
    HAahaha so i missed the best parts afterward eh? guess i'll pick it up again :X, sounds like it could be really good.

    Did you start watching Ga-Rei Zero yet?
  3. carmolita
    2009-12-07 18:45
    Gerd wasn't the main charachter, but necessary to tell the story. When he died I really got into it and then saw the whole series in a day. The pacing is really good in this anime.
  4. miroku2192
    2009-12-06 21:17
    Ohhh so Blassreiter gets better eh :O? I got to the part where the guy (who i thought was the main character) who is really good on the bike dies and then i was like "WHAT!? How could you kill off the main dude, what the helllll!?!?" and stopped watching lol. I was a bit curious as to what that other main dude (The guy with black hair i think?? and that little fairy) would do/if we would learn more about him -> he seemed pretty cool.

    So you think it starts to pick up after where I dropped it? I was just rather confused that he died...because I thought he was the MC, but i guess it's just mini stories or something haha.
  5. carmolita
    2009-12-06 20:07
    How far did you get on blassreiter?
  6. carmolita
    2009-12-06 03:21
    Just finished blassreiter -- it's defintly worth just kept getting better and better...when you get towards the middle the first half of everything is explained and towards the end - everthing becomes clear
  7. miroku2192
    2009-12-03 01:16
    Haha be sure to tell me what you thought of ga-rei zero !

    As for blassreiter, i've seen a few episodes...until the (hmm have you seen this? I don't want to spoil you) Unless this is full of like mini stories or something...i was a bit confused so i dropped the series. Think i should pick it up again or something? It was pretty cool (the first few episodes), and that guy on the bike with the little fairy thing or w/e was pretty awesome/ good reminder, i might try to continue it someday.
  8. carmolita
    2009-12-02 19:51
    Ill check it out this weekend thanks Have you heard anything about Blassreiter?
  9. miroku2192
    2009-12-01 15:42
    Hehe didn't know the novels were translated into english, anyway i bought the DVDs and movie for fushigi for my sister as a was good .

    Saiunkoku...i'll give it a look, and i'll tell my sis about it too, she lovedddd fushigi yuugi.

    By the way, you know what you should watch if you haven't already? Ga-Rei's short (12 episodes), but is a pretty touching story...really liked the feel of it.
  10. carmolita
    2009-12-01 13:42
    No i can't read japanese - the 12k novels are released in english- saiunkoku is excellent!! I've seen all of fushigi ..I want to buy it, but it's still expensive... If you like fushigi then you'll love saiunkoku - let me know who your favorite character is - I like ryuuki...He's so hot ...It's a harm series much like fushigi, but more realistic and better story...

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