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Conversation Between tyciol and GHDpro
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  1. tyciol
    2012-03-31 22:20
    I was wondering, regarding Tetsujin 28-go, if something is only licensed as a dub (which may have rewritten the script) and isn't available for sale with original audio and subs, can it be listed? mentions only 52/97 eps were ever dubbed as "Gigantor" so am wondering if a torrent were found with 53-97 if it could go up.

    For example, TSHS did ep 84.
  2. GHDpro
    2011-07-18 05:38
    That thread is a bit of an oddity; it might be better to simply create a new one (in the "Upcoming Series" forum and then use the "Report Post" button to ask a mod to move it to the right location).

    But as for where to order "I'll CKBC" - I easily found it:

    Media-Blasters own site is not so great, but it does show up in a search:
  3. tyciol
    2011-07-18 00:06
    I was wondering, would it be possible to unlock the thread for I'll CKBC? I looked through all the anime series on Media-Blasters but I do not see it listed. I am hoping to ask if anyone more resourceful has found a profile page on their site that makes it possible to order from the company. It makes me wonder if they did actually do the DVD.

    Edit: Okay I'll make a new thread, thank you for posting the links I will post them in the thread so people can find out how to purchase them. Does code sometimes get weird where a thread gets un-unlockable?

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