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Conversation Between willx and Sumeragi
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  1. willx
    2013-10-11 22:11
    Oh dear, I just noticed it was your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  2. willx
    2013-10-10 12:23
    I keep on accidentally replying on my own wall .. =_=

    Yep! We get into spats but she is my beloved after all! And .. aww! Seldom do I see imouto-san being all deredere. How cute!
  3. Sumeragi
    2013-10-10 11:41
    I suppose she's comforting, just like Oppa is to me right now
  4. willx
    2013-10-10 11:39
    *pat pat*

    Oh, nothing so sinister or distressing, your comment just happened to be amusingly timely
  5. Sumeragi
    2013-10-10 11:29

    You're making me worried.
  6. willx
    2013-10-10 11:25
    Hahahaha... oh dear, as crytpic as it may sound, that comment is more timely than you know..
  7. Sumeragi
    2013-10-09 23:33
    Aniki, for some reason you seem like the black cat and your beloved the gray cat.
  8. willx
    2013-10-09 10:59
    Heh, I know that of course, I'm just doing a bit of whining to my "imouto"! Everything can't go my way all the time

    How's life on your end?
  9. Sumeragi
    2013-10-09 10:00
    All I can say is..... as long as you're not out, things will go up.
  10. willx
    2013-10-09 09:51
    Yeah .. any cursory look will show Canadian M&A, IBanking activity, etc. is way down. There are days .. some days.. where packing up and shipping back to Vancouver sounds awfully appealing ..

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