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Conversation Between willx and DorkingtonPugsly
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  1. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-30 16:09
    The one in my avatar, from valvrave.
  2. willx
    2013-10-30 13:55
    Ha, I think that metric was incorrect statistically and phrasing .. I meant more than 90% of people that are around my age .. but it isn't a small amount, true ..

    I admittedly have no idea who/which Akira you're referring to. The only anime I've watched in quite a while is catching up to Monogatari Second Season, and barely even that.. But I'm glad you're happy though!
  3. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-30 12:34
    Wow really?! You have that much saved? Nice! That just sounds like a lot of money... You must really work at a good place and work hard too, jeez. I'll never have that kind of money hehe...

    The good thing was that my waifu akira got her bluray vol.6 cover! I've been hoping and praying for her to be vol.6 since like spring. And it happened~ Along with the yahoo japan auctions I won of her signed trading card and card sleeves, those are the only three pieces of merch with her on them.
  4. willx
    2013-10-30 09:53
    I went and replied to you on my own wall .. bleh

    Ha, well, it's hard work and stressful .. but what can I say? There's so much I want ..

    I mean the flip side is that at the age of 30, I probably have more savings than 90% of the population .. so that's good! What was the good thing that happened?
  5. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-28 10:34
    Woah dude that's a lot to be worried/thinking about... I wouldn't be able to handle it, especially with my mental health problems. Can't do work. You're a hard working man though, you deserve a lucky break in your career! Though I am currently happier than ever. Due to a certain thing that happened today.
  6. willx
    2013-10-28 10:21
    Well, it's all over the place .. basically times are "tough" at my company and people are getting fired, but I was also up for promotion this year and got passed for promotion. So I'm thinking about current, near-future and long-future. So, really, career - experience, prestige, money - all of it, is up in the air..

    Good for you if you've found what you like and what will make you happy. I went on vacation to the The Cove Atlantis and started to get bored after 5 days.. So I feel like I always have to be up to something!
  7. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-27 12:41
    No I get it. It's a feeling all ambitious people have. Is it like you want a higher position in your job, or you want a bigger salary, or you just feel like those things aren't really fulfilling your life to the extent you want them to?
    I don't have that. Basically all I do is make music and art, and aside from internet stuff and all the music and art's all I really care about. Though I'm also seeing if I can open a florist and just do that. Since it's not guaranteed that I would be able to support myself with just my stuff. I like flowers, and I like florists, and stores, and stuff... So yeah, that's my low key plan for life. ^~^
  8. willx
    2013-10-27 09:28
    Ha, well I'm 30 now and engaged and .. let's say, despite achieving a modicum of success that would make people in other circumstances drool .. I feel frustrated and irritated! I want more! I want to see my path forward, etc. etc. It's a complicated feeling.
  9. DorkingtonPugsly
    2013-10-27 02:44
    Yeah I guess. Well hope your job thing goes well, I guess you could say I'm at a similar stage in my school career. It's senior year and all.
  10. willx
    2013-10-26 20:20
    Hey! I'm doing .. okay? Work has become more than a little stressful and I'm admittedly at what one may call a "pivotal point" in my career so .. but otherwise I'm as good as I usually am. I typically just take everything in life "in stride" as it were so..

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