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Conversation Between willx and Ridwan
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  1. Ridwan
    2012-10-28 15:46
    The forum in my link is a small community of long-time overall-close acquaintances which had had real life meet ups. Naturally, it makes a convenient bunker to take refuge from the bigger internet world. And indeed, I find their opinions regarding typical internet behavior highly agreeable.

    It would be nice if we can have one of such forum reserved for our circle as well.
  2. willx
    2012-10-28 12:48
    Haha, you jerkface! I had a dream last night about people from the forums, all of whom, I don't have the slightest inkling of what you all look like.. It made me think of creating a social group for the Sume-harem .. but I'm not really the harem-member type
  3. Ridwan
    2012-10-27 23:58
    That one being my post, so there's no way it's serious
  4. willx
    2012-10-27 10:49
    Mwahaha.. That does make me laugh in a sinister way. I read down the thread: "There would be less war with more people like him around" .. which may or may not be true..
  5. Ridwan
    2012-10-26 22:27
    I wonder if this can make you laugh in the sinister way :
  6. Ridwan
    2012-10-18 22:31
    Buttzecks is universal.
  7. willx
    2012-10-18 20:58
    That was very odd. I'm not quite sure I got it other than .. Surprise hetero?
  8. Ridwan
    2012-10-18 20:52
    You may have seen this, but I'll post it here anyway :
  9. willx
    2012-10-18 08:26
    Oh well! Ultimately it's the forum admins that choose what they want to appear in the forum discussions. I personally don't agree with their stance but hey, it's like he says, we can form a social group or take our discussions to pinterest/etc
  10. Ridwan
    2012-10-18 03:48
    So your thread has been closed. Sorry to hear that :<

    Truthfully, social thread ideally should be about how you're doing today, and really not derailing all that much from there. And in a forum that has grown gigantic like this board, a thread which is by nature only elligible to a select inner circle will simply end up awkward...

    Actually I kinda have something in mind. I have a neglected forum which I think can be used for our cyber circlejerks to be conducted more freely But it's on maintenance as of the moment, and there's a lot of fixings I need to do to her. So it'll be some more time before it's ready, on which I will inform you.

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