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Conversation Between willx and ArchmageXin
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  1. ArchmageXin
    2013-07-08 21:16
    You might like this, (Legal purchase, not warez)

    World end Economica, it is about this guy who want to be an I-Banker in the near future, and start his empire with a bit of seed money, a laptop, and a Turndere girlfriend

    (No sex scenes though)
  2. willx
    2013-03-19 12:26
    Random (not trying to spout propaganda, but understand skepticism): Would you believe me if I told you that I was told from a credible source a Fortune 500 CEO apparently caught a Chinese state-owned company executive embarking on industrial espionage recently? I find it hard to believe myself if not for the source ..
  3. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-15 13:45
    The master trick is meeting IRS+ client @7PM, save a whole bunch of your client's deduction (that is difficult to argue), play the incompetent moron role as a first your tax clutz by keep saying "Oh, I forgot this"

    At 11 o clock the IRS gave up and go home. Client buy beer, I wake up next morning and pass out at my desk after putting up "entertainment" hours in my schedule.

    Oh, I made a couple grand shorting EA stock over the years It paid for my gaming rig of Epicness in 2010.
  4. willx
    2013-03-15 13:24
    Ha, well, then you're well on your way to doing very well financially ..

    The winter is finally over here in Toronto. That said, as a biased Vancouver-ite, I'd say there's not much to see here. It's a nice place to live: low crime rate, restaurants, bars, etc etc. But not a terribly amazing place to visit. If you do come up let me know and we can grab a bite!
  5. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-15 12:45
    Well, I do know how people bend the rule in taxes at least. I do it all the time. The IRS used to rage at me all the time for what I do for my clients and every time they go home empty handed

    How is Toronto weather? I am going on vacation-May want to hit up canada again.
  6. willx
    2013-03-15 10:03
    Well, of course accounting in college isn't going to teach you creativity! You don't know the rules yet .. they don't teach you to be creative in law school either! You gotta learn the rules first before you can think of how to get around them..
  7. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 21:59
    I can tell you in college the only two classes that did not encourage thinking out of box is accounting and theology.
  8. willx
    2013-03-14 21:54
    Accouting is add/minus/X/divide .. AND RULES. Tons and tons of rules. On top of that, a thorough understanding of a balance sheet and the flows is important for structuring and analysis.. critical thinking is always valuable..
  9. ArchmageXin
    2013-03-14 21:52
    You know accounting is just add/minus/X/divide and % right? People go to study accounting because they are terrible at math and can't read good enough to get into law school.

    (Or smart enough not to bother if u live in the U.S)
  10. willx
    2013-03-14 16:28
    If anything, barring Quant. Strat. Hedge Funds, most jobs in "High Finance" are achieved through .. being articulate..

    To be honest, the math is nothing particularly complicated in most jobs in finance, more of it is experience and expertise based. You are specifically thinking of math-based hedge funds .. most people on a S&T desk or in IB or in Credit Origination don't do much more complicated math than accounting..

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