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Conversation Between SweetHoney and Hooves
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  1. SweetHoney
    2012-11-24 22:07
    Loads of Nibutani are waiting you in the thread
  2. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 22:55
    If they get claimed then I'm happy ^^ They may only be little amounts but I take time doing them so they appeal to people to use~ I know I could, but then I go "Oh just one more." which ends up being half an episode later.
  3. Hooves
    2012-11-22 22:50
    You'll probably have a lot of people claiming your avatars But you can always do them later if you're tired.
  4. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 22:43
    You're more than welcome to ^^ I'm starting episdoe 3 now. I just feel tired is all but I'l try pump out a few before I have a cat nap.
  5. Hooves
    2012-11-22 22:39
    I might steal more from people... Yeah, about episode 3-4 will be when Shinka hits the spotlights in my opinion.
  6. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 22:34
    Aha sorry :x

    Shinka at the moment is hard to milk avatars for, probably because it's only ep 2 I'm at. Sooo there probably will be more tempting, just a warning~
  7. Hooves
    2012-11-22 22:21
    Guuuh! You tempt me with the Shinka avatars!
  8. SweetHoney
    2012-11-18 07:04
    There is a lovely little image of Shana in the thread waiting for you =)
  9. SweetHoney
    2012-03-04 22:17
    Aha hey Hooves! Loving it~ Waiting for it to finish before I watch the rest of it though it's so hard ;-; I will make more no worries ^^
  10. Hooves
    2012-03-01 17:10
    Hello SweetHoney, how are you enjoying the 3rd season for Shakugan no Shana? Also, not to sound imprudent or anything. But we all definitely look forward for more episode avatars if you do decide to make

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