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Conversation Between SweetHoney and Arturia Polaris
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  1. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 19:33
    I have free time so I feel like I should help people out ^^

    Oh no it's alright! I don't even mind if you don't use it and keep it aspart of a collection or something

    Annd no worries as usual ^^

    I do enjoy fanfictions, but there is no need to pay me back at all. As a said your thanks is more than enough ^^
  2. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-22 19:20
    Arturia Polaris
    Wow girl you really are a god. You're plugging up holes left right and center XD

    I'd like to use the Anego one, but I'm more than happy with Shinka at the moment... so gomen ne...

    I still appreciate it a lot ^^ Thanks and thanks again.

    Wish I could pay you back somehow... do you like fanfictions? I could write something up...

  3. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 18:18
    I have, episode 8 was adorable! And lots of avatar potential.

    Aha I'm glad you like it ^^ I also did your request in Little Busters too.
  4. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-22 09:56
    Arturia Polaris
    That sounds... painful. Get well soon

    Have you advanced in Chuunibyou?

    I just wanted to say that I keep loving this avatar

  5. SweetHoney
    2012-11-22 08:58
    I keep getting infections and ingrown toenails =/ I had half of it removed once. But it grew back and got infected again ;~; So we decided to try this procedure and hope it works.
  6. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-20 09:15
    Arturia Polaris
    Oh :S What happened to your toe?

  7. SweetHoney
    2012-11-20 02:17
    Afternoon~ ^^ Thanks for stopping by~

    How have you been today? I've had a procedure done on my toe today, a bit painful sadly ;~;
  8. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-19 23:39
    Arturia Polaris
    Hey there! Just saying hi
  9. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 10:22
    Oh no don't feel bad, outside of Photoshop I can't really draw ^^; I do wish I could though.
  10. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-17 10:00
    Arturia Polaris
    I can't even draw to save my life and you're younger than me, I feel bad now ^^


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