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Conversation Between SweetHoney and Arturia Polaris
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  1. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 09:43
    Aww, well anytime ^^ It was no problem helping you out and I enjoyed doing it too~
  2. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-17 09:31
    Arturia Polaris
    Hey you made me fat with all that SweetHoney coming my way :P

  3. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 09:06
    Thank you, now you're making me fat with all the lovely compliments ^^ I learnt basics of my friend Daniel.E and also a website that showed the gist of it ^^

    And no problem again Glad you're happy with it ^^
  4. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-17 08:52
    Arturia Polaris
    No thank you! This is completely amazing work! Where did you learn to do this stuff?

    Thanks again
  5. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 08:31
    Aw thanks! Glad you like it! ^^

    No worries, a simple thanks is more than everything I need ^^
  6. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-17 08:29
    Arturia Polaris
    My mind is blown all over the place. This is top notch stuff!

    I thank you for your work, even though it's not even close to enough for your effort...

  7. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 04:14
    It's all ready for you at the thread, enjoy~! <3
  8. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 02:12
    It's alright, I don't mind doing it ^^ I did struggle with her skirt though colour wise, as the criss crosses were uneven and such. I found a way to try blend it so it doesn't look too awkward.
  9. Arturia Polaris
    2012-11-17 01:42
    Arturia Polaris
    As I said I really appreciate this and I know that you don't have any obligation to me and I know it's a lot of work... so thanks.

    Don't hurry up for my sake in any case!

  10. SweetHoney
    2012-11-17 01:33
    Thank you ^^ It's been awhile since I've done one so this is a good chance to get back into it <3 I'm really enjoying the outcome so far too. I've been really careful not to make the lines to pointy and such.

    I'll give you another update soon ^^

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