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Conversation Between SweetSpring and SweetHoney
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  1. SweetHoney
    2008-07-02 02:15
    It's okay,

    And you won't bother me imouto ^^
    If you're worried you are just ask for more than 1 or 2 renders at the same time.
    Either way it doesn't bother me one bit
  2. SweetSpring
    2008-07-02 01:19
    Thanks onee-chan! i will do my best to not disturb you too much
  3. SweetHoney
    2008-07-01 03:39
    My work isn't better than yours tea~

    And if you have trouble rendering just PM me and I can render anything you like
  4. SweetHoney
    2008-06-29 04:29
    Ohh I hate it when you get busy with school huh?
    I'm lucky I'm on my holidays now ^__^
    Hope you can have some free time soon
  5. SweetSpring
    2008-06-28 19:18
    I'm fine thank you ^_^ just slightly busy on school.
  6. SweetHoney
    2008-06-27 23:29
    heya tea ^^

    I've been good. But at the moment I wouldn't mind a new throat and nose, stupid cold >< Oh yeah I so your work tea and it's really good! I'm putting off graphics for a bit. Probaly come back during my holidays~. Enough about me now how have you been Tea?
  7. SweetSpring
    2008-06-27 22:29
    *waves* hello~ how have you been?

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