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Conversation Between SweetSpring and Shana
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  1. Shana
    2008-06-19 22:40
    Yeah, add me if you wish to just remember that I don't go online MSN too much =/
  2. SweetSpring
    2008-06-19 22:36
    Shana,can i add you on MSN? :3
  3. Shana
    2008-06-19 22:10
    Haha! I'm still beyond so many people in terms of rep but I'm trying toi be as nice as posible so I will surpass KiNA and be The Rep Queen! bwahahaha . Also, you're waay better than me in sig terms. I don't even have an style and copy other people =/ ah! no I mean... meh, you didn't read that at all . And yeah, screw tests! I did! just with maths and science tests... ^_^

    By the way, I have always been curious: where are you from?
  4. SweetSpring
    2008-06-19 20:34
    hiya~ Shana :3 long time no see~ after a few months you are steps above me(in terms of rep? xD) your signatures are far better than me too ^^; (screw exams =/)
  5. Shana
    2008-06-19 20:11
    Hey Springy how have you been? It's been a while since I last talked to you (if we don't count the post I left at your thread )

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