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Conversation Between iamandragon and Kyuusai
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  1. iamandragon
    2008-06-07 18:11
    Uwa...thank you for your response...I don't enjoy Shakespeare too much, though Romeo and Juliet happens to be among the top few in my favourite book list...I've always told to act opposite when I'm feeling negative, so as not to ruin my image too much...
  2. Kyuusai
    2008-06-07 17:37
    Too bad about the thread getting deleted! This place is run with an iron fist, but that's what keeps the undesirables out.

    As I said in the thread, I don't think any one can blame you for making a slip once in your life! At the very least, you vented in a... poetic fashion.

    And reading here I see that you weren't quoting at random, but very deliberately. It's always nice to find some one else who appreciates Shakespeare!
  3. Kyuusai
    2008-05-29 09:47
    > sorry Iamandragon, I don't mean to insult you,mock you or anything but geez please please please tell us your age.

    Blade_Lord, iamandragon is a very young lady... Far too young to share her age with men on the internet!

    However, you should probably take her suggestion of calling her "dragon-nee"...

    > I know...I sometimes act like a guy...

    It only seems that way because you excel at being informative and analytical. It is not something that most girls bother with. Your femininity shows in your writing in other ways, though...

    Of course, you cannot be blamed if you have multiple personalities!
  4. Kyuusai
    2008-05-27 21:59
    I believe our Martian friend, iamandragon, deserves public kudos for being one of the most informative members of the community in all matters of Type Moon, Key, and Nanoha.


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