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Conversation Between Urzu 7 and mangatron
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  1. mangatron
    2015-01-20 08:31
    Ah, that girl going up and down in my avatar, she's actually from the OVA Special #1 of Grisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-, if you haven't watched the series you can just watch the Special as it's one of the girls, er, having some alone time
  2. Urzu 7
    2015-01-14 19:39
    Urzu 7
    Tron, what is your avatar from? If from a TV episode, what episode?
  3. Urzu 7
    2014-12-16 15:17
    Urzu 7
  4. mangatron
    2014-12-11 07:33
    Ah, it's not exactly an anime, it's actually an animated short which you can see here, the one titled ME!ME!ME!
  5. Urzu 7
    2014-12-09 20:18
    Urzu 7
    Dear Lord, tron...the signature with the asses bouncing to and fro...what anime is that from?
  6. mangatron
    2014-05-30 22:10
    She's the wonderful Rebecca from Seikoku no Dragonar
  7. Urzu 7
    2014-05-30 19:23
    Urzu 7
    Mangotron, who is the girl in your sig with red hair? The one waving her butt. What series is she from and what episode?
  8. mangatron
    2014-05-23 08:00
    She's Moco from Captain Earth, episode 07!
  9. Urzu 7
    2014-05-22 18:24
    Urzu 7
    Who is the girl in the lingerie in your avatar; the one moving her butt around? What anime and episode is it from?
  10. mangatron
    2014-04-07 02:29
    I sure hope so!

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