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Conversation Between Urzu 7 and Liddo-kun
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  1. Urzu 7
    2015-07-05 13:38
    Urzu 7
    My brother and I, along with my parents, had hot dogs cooked on a grill, along with other American summer foods, like corn on the cob, coleslaw, and potato salad. Then, my brother and I met up with my cousin and his girlfriend who were vacationing in southern Maine, the next state over and about an hour away. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, saw a fireworks show, went to a bar, and then headed back to our homes in our state (New Hampshire). It was a very good day.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2015-07-05 10:16
    You're welcome. :3

    Hmm, did you have celebration with the whole family?
    I bet there's some delicious food in your house that day.
  3. Urzu 7
    2015-07-04 23:45
    Urzu 7
    Thank you. And I had a real nice day this 4th of July. Thanks for the kind regards.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2015-07-04 07:35
    Good evening. I'm not from the US, but it seems that July 4 is a holiday for you.

    Just dropping by to say Happy 4th of July. ^^
  5. Liddo-kun
    2015-06-18 18:25
    Hi. Finished uploading cosplay pics from 8th PCC.
    Here it is, just in case you want to see. ",)

    Sorry, this one is so late. Real life has been busy for me and my friends on the past few weeks (photoshoot on Sundays).
  6. Liddo-kun
    2015-05-03 17:52
    Hi, just sharing pics from the photoshoot that we did yesterday.
    Karen testing the new maid costume that we bought. ^_^

    The weather is a bit hot, because it's summer here.
    So some of the shots we did indoors, where the air conditioning makes life easier.

    . . . . .

    Hmm, my next upload would be about the 8th PCC anime convention.
  7. Liddo-kun
    2015-04-02 01:59
    Hmm, actually.. two friend are watching Dog Days. MJ liked it, and she's on episode 8. Mich didn't like it very much, and she's on ep. 2.

  8. Urzu 7
    2015-03-28 19:22
    Urzu 7
    Oh no, everything is fine. ^^

    Too bad your friend doesn't like Dog Days. I guess she doesn't understand that one of the main aspects of it is to be very lighthearted.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2015-03-28 18:32
    Still have not finished Dog Days S2, but season 1 is still my fav. So far there are mixed reactions when I introduced it to the cosplay group.. someone liked it and laughs (when the characters turn to cat balls xD). But someone thought the "war games" thing is silly (but she also laughed at the cat balls).

    Well, and no problem if you just like to read them.

    The reason I messaged is because I thought you were upset or something. O_O

    Have a nice day tomodachi. ^^
  10. Urzu 7
    2015-03-27 13:29
    Urzu 7
    Hi. : ) Sorry I've been quiet. I've been reading your con reports but haven't said much in the thread they are in. Sorry, sometimes I just like to read them only. I will try to reply in the thread more.

    I'm doing good. I've had ups and downs, but currently, I'd say I'm doing well. I hope your friend likes Dog Days season 1. You must have seen season 2. Have you kept up with season 3? The last episode (episode 12) will hit the net soon. I've been watching it and it has been good. I like it more than season 2, although season 1 is probably still my fav. But I love all 3 seasons because I love this anime for having a whole lot of appealing and lovable kemonomimi characters.

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