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Conversation Between Kazu-kun and Archon_Wing
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  1. Archon_Wing
    2013-06-03 01:40
    Have you tried Attack on Titan? It's a pretty well produced anime, and at least one character in it is really great.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2012-10-01 02:57
    Yea I'm not exactly a fan of characters who just stay static and are just there to display their quirky trait every episode and leave. It's also why I was skeptical of Tari Tari at the start because similar shows to it have easily turned me off.

    Lol, Nanoha franchise hasn't been the same after A's. StrikerS was mediocre at best and the less said about the mangas the better. But I place a much higher priority into remembering characters such as Fate over the shows they hail from, often. And I've always been somewhat indiffrent to anime, but some friends are helping me in that regard. Previously it used to be because I thought anime plain sucked, though I no longer feel that way though RL has given me less time to watch and pretty much everything that's not really interesting gets ignored.
  3. Kazu-kun
    2012-09-29 09:10
    Thanks, and yeah I do like her quite a bit. I prefer characters that change over static ones, and Wakana changed a lot so she became my favorite pretty fast. All the Taris are great though.

    I like Fate but right now I'm pretty indifferent to the Nanoha franchise as a whole. I'm pretty indifferent to anime in general really. I keep watching out of habit I think. lol Tari Tari was the rare exception and I ended up caring a bit more. But then again, Tari Tari didn't feel much like anime to begin with, so that's probably why.
  4. Archon_Wing
    2012-09-28 18:32
    Sup, I liked your Tari Tari posts, and you seem to appeciate Wakana quite a bit.

    Also, looking at your groups... Fate fan as well?

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