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Conversation Between Meirin and Daniel E.
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  1. Daniel E.
    2009-08-12 22:21
    Daniel E.
    I recall that you like SRPGs. Have you played Devil Survivor yet?

    Can't say that I have, but if it's a SRPG, I'll keep it on my list for sure.

    Just went off and rented Last Remnant, btw. Not a bad game, but I feel I need to play it a bit more before passing judgement on it.

    Wanted to get Eternal Sonata, but both copies were rented at the time being. Better be there comes friday.
  2. Meirin
    2009-08-12 06:09
    Sounds good. I'm 'borrowing' the bf's PSP for Project Diva and playing some co-op games on the PS3 too.

    I recall that you like SRPGs. Have you played Devil Survivor yet?
  3. Daniel E.
    2009-08-12 03:00
    Daniel E.
    Playing games.... as ever.

    Never got to buy one of the next-gen systems, but my little nephew did. I am currently using both his X-box-360 and PSP.
  4. Meirin
    2009-08-11 16:00
    Sudden spam was sudden!

    It sure has been a while! What have you been up to?
  5. Daniel E.
    2009-07-29 21:14
    Daniel E.
    Congratulations Meirin, you just got yourself some free spam!

    Seriously though, I suddenly felt like dropping you a message.
  6. Meirin
    2008-06-09 16:51
    That is true! I haven't played my GBA for so long that I'm not even sure where it is. o.o Ought to dig it up!
  7. Daniel E.
    2008-06-08 19:24
    Daniel E.
    Well, there's always the GBA version!
  8. Meirin
    2008-06-08 17:40
    Thanks for letting me know! I like tactical RPGs but sadly lack a PSP. ;_;

    Good traces can take a long time to do. I've stalled or given up on some as well. Keep at it! Your work looks great and you're definitely improving as well. The latest Maka trace is gorgeous. I'll be keeping an eye on your thread!
  9. Daniel E.
    2008-06-08 13:36
    Daniel E.
    Valkyrie (or Valky as I like to call her) comes from a game called Yggdra Union for the GBA and PSP.

    As it stands now, The Valky trace has become a bit of a joke back in my thread; Where I keep saying that I am gonna finish it, only to end up doing something completely different down the road.

    Been fooling around with that trace for at least a year now!
  10. Meirin
    2008-06-08 07:54
    Your current avatar looks great! Can you tell me who it is?

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