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Conversation Between Meirin and Monkey D. Luffy
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  1. Meirin
    2008-10-04 05:22
    Ack, I've barely had time for the occasional anime episode since grad school started (although I did finally finish the top 3 summer series I was following!) - nevermind keeping up with online communities. Looks like I'll on AS a lot less this year. ;_;

    But before the work really kicks in, it looks like the most exciting time of the year has arrived! Will definitely be watching Nodame Cantabile Paris Arc. <3 I hope to at least check out the first episodes of Mouryou no Hako, Tytania, Kuroshitsuji, Michiko to Hatchin, Kannagi and Kurogane no Linebarrel. Casshern Sins is off to an interesting start~
  2. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-09-21 02:11
    Monkey D. Luffy
    That's nice, I wish I could go on Holiday. ^^ Good to hear you got your PC running again.

    Yeah, I want to follow a few series for this new season. I'll also be getting a little busy here in a couple of days, so I don't know how many i'll be able to watch. I'll try to watch Chaos;Head, Casshern Sins (an old classic), Tytania, the second season of Gundam, Mouryou no Hako are some I can recall right now and a couple of others if possible. How about you, any specific can't miss series you looking forward to? ^_^
  3. Meirin
    2008-09-13 03:12
    Auau~ sorry that it's been forever since we swapped comments. I went on holiday and came back to a nearly-dead pc. ;_; Thankfully I've managed to restore most of my files, but the 5% that was lost is bothering me. I'm slightly OCD about my torrent history.

    The new term is about to start for me, so I'm not sure how much spare time I'll have for anime/manga and the online fandom. /sad, cos the autumn season looks pretty good so far and I really hope to be able to follow at least 2-5 series. Do you plan on following any new series along with your shounen favourites?
  4. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-08-21 22:13
    Monkey D. Luffy
    The US and China always seem to be neck to neck it always seems to be a two to five medal difference, but right now as I'm writing this the United States seems to have a healthy lead. China keeps dominating in the Golds, though. You guys are doing great too.

    The eight minute performance should be nice to see, you're lucky to have the Olympics come your way in a few years, I'd like to attend one someday.

    That's great, an order of alot of cool and interesting stuff I bet. ^^
  5. Meirin
    2008-08-19 04:04
    Awww, yeah I felt bad for the little girl. ;_; That was a poor choice on the organiser's part.

    USA is still leading in the total medal count~ China's caught up a few times but it's hard to break that 70 barrier. Hopefully we'll reach 40-43 golds if things go well! I'm a bit worried about London's eight-minute performance in the closing ceremony though.... not to mention in four years time. -_-;;

    Oh, I placed a huge order for figures and doujinshi from Japan today. I hope the order goes through soon. <3
  6. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-08-12 22:34
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Hey Meirin, just the same old for me, what about you? I did watch the Olympic ceremony it was honestly one of the most incredible things I've ever seen, I was left in awe.

    Altough I have to say that the news that came out involving the little girl who was shown singing that turns out was lip-syncing because she was used to replace another little girl who was the real singer because she wasn't considered "cute" enough, sort of puts a minimal damper on things for me. However, it was still an amazing display.

    I've heard of Puyo Puyo, can't say that I've ever played it though. Looks fun and enjoyable, I should check it out. ^_^
  7. Meirin
    2008-08-12 10:15
    Hey, what have you been up to lately? Did you watch the Olympic opening ceremony?

    I've become so addicted to a new (for me) game on the DS lately that I've been neglecting MGS4 and FFT completely. ^^; It's called Puyo Puyo (ぷよぷよ) - have you ever played it? It's like a moe version of Tetris/Bust-a-move with story mode and hidden characters to unlock. The final stage gets pretty speed-crazy.
  8. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-08-06 20:53
    Monkey D. Luffy
    It's okay, everyone has things to do.

    Laughing Octopus is a strange one, actually all of the Beauty And The Beast unit all are. Their name does define their nature but for good reason which you'll find out soon. To tell you the truth, I rarely visited Drebin except to get some ammo here and there. You'll mostly be alright without ever going to him, but I guess it doesn't hurt.

    You could say Sunny's cooking gets better later on, but that's for one to decide. ^_^
  9. Meirin
    2008-08-06 13:11
    Ahh, sorry for the late reply! I've started playing MGS4 but oh so slowly. Just gotten to South America and saw Laughing Octopus. Pretty disturbing when she has Old Snake's face on... but utterly hot aside from that. Hmm, the whole thing with the gun shop and buying equipment is pretty cheap. I guess it makes the difficult levels more doable. Does Sunny's cooking ever improve during the game?
  10. Monkey D. Luffy
    2008-07-18 22:15
    Monkey D. Luffy
    I've completed the game already , it's a great conclusion to the series but sad at the same time considering it's the last game for the great Solid Snake. I hope you enjoyed how it ended.

    It's been a while since I played Tactics definitely something that I would like to do again soon, if I can get my hands on it. FFIV in co-op must be really fun, the new graphics in the remake definitely mess with the nostalgia factor but I'm willing to put that aside just to play it again.

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