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Conversation Between zato_1one and Galatea33
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  1. Galatea33
    2009-09-28 02:19
    Thank you ZAT
    me and my imagination I guess

    and I love Ky Kiske btw

    Thank you! Thank you for the info!
  2. zato_1one
    2009-09-27 00:03
    Oops! I forget that Jakarta is also GMT+7
  3. Galatea33
    2009-09-26 19:38
    What are you saying 'it's 07.00 am and sunday here'

    We;re on the SAME~ timezone

    we have squid here for breakfasst by the waayyy

    I;m hungry tooo buh bye for real for now
  4. Galatea33
    2009-09-26 19:16
    I;m soryy !!!
    THK YOOO ZAT *0* ~ I knew I can count on you on fuud
    uh well have a nice breakfast I hope

    Bye ^^p~
  5. zato_1one
    2009-09-26 19:07
    Ughhh Drooling... You make me feel really hungry now. It's 7:00 AM Sunday here and I still think what to eat.

    It might be "Deep Fried Marinated Chicken Wrapped in Pandan Leaf Yield" One of my most favorite food. :P

    Must take a bath and go to fill my tiny stomach now.
  6. Galatea33
    2009-09-26 18:48
    ZAT \*u*/ how rr yoooou??!

    I went to a Thai resto yesterday love the chicken roasted within leaf ( I forgot the name uh I shud pay more attention )

    TuT sigh... I can still taste it in my mouth.... TuT

    And NOW I got the mango w/glutinuos rice!
    It's seasonal for mango and that menu but I able to order it yay!!
  7. Galatea33
    2009-09-23 19:42
    Agree with Rubel cosplaying
    YOu;ll never know when it's a bulky girl who puts up Rubel's hat or a guy who shave his beard and cosplayed as Prissy

    Agree, agree

    * (which I like to see =D I bet it's gonna be so in fashion- since Rubel is a pretty mellow guuuyy )
  8. Galatea33
    2009-09-17 01:36
    scary as in abyssal skeeeriiii or what? =D

    ah you see Arkham post just before me, I tried to counter his avvy
    * It's abyssal war on animesuki!!! XDXDXD
  9. zato_1one
    2009-09-16 18:40
    BTW, your avatar looks scary.
  10. Galatea33
    2009-09-15 18:37
    I see that

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