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Conversation Between Deathkillz and Cierra
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  1. Cierra
    2009-09-05 08:20
    *jumps in this crappy profile again*
    Surgeant Suigintou-sama just for you!
  2. Deathkillz
    2009-05-28 12:41
    Lovely wuv-ly <3
  3. Cierra
    2009-05-28 11:19
    how bout this ones Deathie?
  4. Deathkillz
    2008-12-25 13:00
    And a merry xmas to you

    A present for me?

  5. Cierra
    2008-12-25 12:42
    Merry Christmas Deathie from ur beloved Scarlet Witch Cierra!
    A suprise waiting for u in my Corner Of Wonders! Make sure u'll check it out!
  6. Cierra
    2008-11-23 09:00
    Another happy Gin sama fanboi but i can't keep drawin gin all the time. She's so damn addictive! O_o I ruined my Kanaria project for this and she's also gonna ruin my valky project! I must not dissapoint queen Valky!
  7. Cierra
    2008-11-16 09:23
    Fufu. Been workin a lot with siggie makin the past few days! You can check my new album and comment what i did so far.I'd love to
  8. Deathkillz
    2008-11-16 09:09
    Siggies...I haven't made one in ages...I am sure I have gone rusty as much as my drawing skills
  9. Cierra
    2008-11-14 14:08
    no worries! My awesome Gin sama drawings surely made the difference! I wish drawing would be as easy as makin siggies! (workin on my entry for SOTM atm :/)
  10. Deathkillz
    2008-11-14 13:48
    Haha, true ^^'

    But then again, Shinku doesn't have a group

    Though thanks for reminding me, I will think of something to revive it in due time

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