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Conversation Between Hemisphere and xBakaChanx
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  1. Hemisphere
    2013-03-20 07:44
    Unfortunately, no. I've been REALLY hooked on this series so far: as its really crazy hilarious XD
  2. xBakaChanx
    2013-03-15 03:34
    Have you read the short stories of Date a Live, they are pretty interesting =)
  3. Hemisphere
    2013-03-04 05:56
    Recently, I've been having more fun with this series than with Date a Live. It doesn't flounder around indecisively like DAL, it's just completely hilarious and it doesn't try to take itself very seriously. I'd recommend it to you as well if you're looking for some good laughs.
  4. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-28 19:51
    Lol it's enjoyable at least XD I just read vol 5 of Date a Live, the plot just went so far in that vol >_< Shidou was able to use Sandalphon, Kyoei isn't as useless as I thought he was XD, the appearance of the creator of Ratatoskr, and Kotori's last word in the volume about killing Shidou, can't wait till Koushi start explaining about all that in later volumes >_< On a side note, during the airship battle, the word gundam keep popping to my head XD
  5. Hemisphere
    2013-02-27 08:33
    Too long. Way too long. ;_;
  6. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-24 02:34
    Lol sounds like you been real busy XD, how long does it take for you to read one volume anyway?
  7. Hemisphere
    2013-02-23 01:18
    That's some harsh torture there indeed. For me, I wish I could read faster because I have way too many books in my backlog, all 36+6 of them!
  8. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-21 04:48
    Lol it's torture knowing that I can read vol 4 and 6 yet I can't read 5 yet XD
    I wish there's a few more hours in a day just for me to read XD
  9. Hemisphere
    2013-02-21 04:31
    Have fun waiting! For me, I've got 黒鋼の魔紋修復士3, 4 and 5 to read all at once.
  10. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-21 04:15
    Can't deny that >_< now I just have to wait for vol 5 and i'll read all 3 vol at once >_< I can't wait! especially since vol 4 focuses on kotori XD

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