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Conversation Between Hemisphere and xBakaChanx
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  1. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 00:14
    Lol what volume is that from <3 I only read up to vol 3, o why are you so adorable Phil >_<
  2. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 00:12
    Lol all her attempt to try to make them fall for each other, what a genius!!! I'm 100% rooting for her plan to succeed <3
    Looking back at the little comics at the beginning of each novel, it still makes me laugh XD

    Koooooootooooooori <3
  3. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 00:10
    Here's another hilarious Phil image for you. Hahaha.
  4. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 00:05
    Yeah I know about Phil. She's hilariously adorable, trying to make Rach and Elicia fall for each other so she can start her "Amarach Polygamy" plan into fruition. <3 that Phil.

    KOTORI <3
  5. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-22 23:59
    Lol Nagi is great but my fav character in thousand and aegis would have to be フィル (?)
    Spoiler for Img:

    Kotori,Kotori,Kotori!! <3
  6. Hemisphere
    2012-10-22 23:51
    I have a soft spot for bishoujos with polearms as their weapons, you see. Like Futayo (Horizon), Lyudmila (Vanadis), Nagi (Thousand and Aegis), and Kotori (Date A Live). <3
  7. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-22 23:45
    Lol that just get me even more interested in reading it now XD all that stabbing action <3
  8. Hemisphere
    2012-10-22 23:40
    Ah. That's Honda Futayo, from Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.
  9. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-22 23:25
    Lol who's that on your avatar XD those stabbing ~
  10. xBakaChanx
    2012-09-10 14:35
    黒鋼の魔紋修復士 < I think someone is starting a translation on it in Chinese >_< Going to take a while tho lol

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