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Conversation Between Hemisphere and xBakaChanx
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  1. Hemisphere
    2013-02-21 04:12
    Kotorimouto is BEST imouto.
  2. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-21 02:42
    Lol the short stories for date a live is so good <3
    Ratatoskr, GJ! They never fail to amuse me XD
    Gotta take her home >_<
  3. Hemisphere
    2013-02-21 00:14
    Lyudmila is the best for me. <3 And there's a reason why Kotori is one of my favorite imoutos, you know! I don't really like the imouto archetype that much, but I make an exception for Kotori (and Kurorekishi's Kaedeko).
  4. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-20 21:50
    Lyudmila got my support >_< On an unrelated note, I just read Kotori's birthday today >_< o god so cute >_< lemme take her home~!
  5. Hemisphere
    2013-02-20 10:20
    Valentina sees Tigre more as a tool though, so it'll have to take some convincing to get her to lust after join Tigre's side. Elizaveta, well, she's politically allied with Tigre as of the moment; perhaps a three-way rivalry born from jealousy between Elen, Mila and Elizaveta? Kukuku...
  6. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-20 04:19
    Well Valentina did met Tigre already when he's asleep, a flag perhaps? <3 Arranging a meeting for Elizaveta and Tigre would appear to be difficult though, considering her relationship with Elen.
  7. Hemisphere
    2013-02-20 03:54
    Sasha's already met Tigre in Vol. 6. She playfully teased him a lot, and Tigre realized that Elen "learned a lot" from Sasha when it comes to nicknames, teasing, and politics. That leaves only Elizaveta and Valentina!
  8. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-20 01:52
    Tigre gonna need a huge bed <3 though that dream is still pretty far away considering that Sasha, Elizaveta still havn't really "met" Tigre yet and Valentina's status atm is still uncertain
  9. Hemisphere
    2013-02-20 00:50
    Mmmmmm..."bonding" them all together would be great indeed. All the Vanadis sharing a single bed with Tigre...kukuku.
  10. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-19 04:34
    Hoho "bonding" those Vanadis together would be a great idea <3

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