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Conversation Between Hemisphere and xBakaChanx
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  1. Hemisphere
    2013-02-19 04:33
    Considering that she's started falling for Tigre (she slept with him while in an embrace, and she was fine with stripping in his presence), she might be coming up with those plans soon enough! XD
  2. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-19 04:30
    But does she have ingenious plans like the ones Phil have? <3

    Side note - that picture of pokemon completely shocked me XD
  3. Hemisphere
    2013-02-02 10:29
    Ahahaha! XD

    So Olga finally showed up (but in disguise) and she is just as expressionless, soft-spoken and polite as Phil is! THIS IS JUST GREAT!
  4. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-02 05:49
    I was reading ひきこもりの彼女は神なのです recently, and he was a she.........and what surprised me the most was, when I read to the part when one of the characters told the main character that "he" was showering inside, I immediately know that it's going to be a she....light novels and manga what have you done to me....XD
  5. xBakaChanx
    2013-02-01 01:54
    Lol i definitely will if it ever get translated XD
  6. Hemisphere
    2013-02-01 01:52
    You should give Hiera Glaphicos a shot!
  7. xBakaChanx
    2013-01-31 19:50
    Lol you have such a big list XD the only one beside Vanadis, DaL, thousand and aegis that I read there is Waltraute XD
  8. Hemisphere
    2013-01-31 06:36
    Stuff to read? In my case, those would be:
    • Vanadis
    • Thousand and Aegis
    • Hitsugi no Chaika
    • Date A Live
    • Saenai
    • Waltraute
    • Kurorekishi
    • Hiera Glaphicos
    • The Swordbringer comes back
    Gawd. ;w; Then there's Seizuyomi no Reena to add as well...orz

    I'm really curious as to what happens in Hiera Glaphicos 3 and 4, seeing as one of the illustrations in Vol 4 has Valeria...wielding Di's sword.
  9. xBakaChanx
    2013-01-31 05:25
    Lol this reminds me that I better get started reading the ahead series...well maybe later so much stuff to read so little time XD
  10. Hemisphere
    2013-01-31 05:05
    If it's as thick as Horizon but still retains the same writing style, I'd probably love it to death. Horizon is only thick because the author goes obsessively crazy with writing down every detail that came to mind.

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