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Conversation Between Hemisphere and xBakaChanx
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  1. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 23:30
    To provide some context for the comic portion in Volume 8: Phil is haunted by the breasts of Elicia and Nagi while they're taking a bath together, so she begins wishing to meet Fiona again, a fellow flat-chested comrade of hers. Fiona suddenly appears "all grown up"; she greets Phil but Phil just goes "might I ask who are you supposed to be?" after taking a look at Fiona's breasts. Fiona repeats herself saying its her and that she's suddenly and magically grown up after her last encounter with Phil. Phil blacks out, then wakes up to see both Elicia and Nagi worriedly looking at her; apparently it was just a dream and she blacked out in the bath. After waking up and seeing Elicia and Nagi's breats, Phil decides that whether in a dream or in reality, life is just too cruel and harsh for her while floating face down in the tub.

    So yeah, Phil. XD She shouldn't mind though; in an alternate universe (namely Vanadis's world), her character equivalent there has THE largest breasts out of everyone (Sophiya)!
  2. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 23:25
    A-All those Phil goodness >_< I can't stand it! Why you so adorable Phil >_<, the Kotori and the Phil inside me are fighting >_<
  3. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 23:09
    Yeah, that's what makes Volume 8 so awesome. XD
  4. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 23:04
    Lol poor Phil, so shocked by those huge breast XD, how did she hide those >_<, so that's where the jitome Phil is from OwO, and those animal suits >_< so cute~
  5. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 09:35
    Okay! Managed to upload the pictures. Here they are:
    1 2 3 4 5

    Poor Phil. No refuge even in dreams. XD

    As a bonus, here's this tantalizing but dreary picture.
  6. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 02:51
    Ah. Those are from the official blog of Ichijinsha Bunko, the publishers.

    So I took some pictures of Volume 8's comic portion as well as the goofy covers, but until I find a way to upload them to my laptop...
  7. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 01:06
    LOL Rach should just accept Phil's advice >_< Phil need to appear more on the covers >_<
    Some Scans for vol 8 in case you havn't seen them ~ Phil on cover so adorable <3
  8. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 01:01
    LOL that was Phil telling Rach how she'd like him to handle Elicia and Nagi, hahaha!
  9. xBakaChanx
    2012-10-23 01:01
    Lol seems like Phil have quite a way to go before this
  10. Hemisphere
    2012-10-23 00:58
    After hearing Nighu's story, even Phil went "gununu" and had a hard look on her face, as if she suddenly realized the difficulty of the task she's facing (making Rach fall for Elicia). Hahaha!

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