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Conversation Between z3phyr.mp3 and Von Himmel
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  1. z3phyr.mp3
    2010-05-21 07:05
    new sig is up..

    i browsed pixiv for pictures of her..
    even in pixiv she has too few admirers.. orz
  2. Von Himmel
    2010-05-21 07:01
    Von Himmel
    The Daimaou thread also had some pictures of last I could get another pics of her >.<
    Where did you find your pics ? I guess I should start browsing pixiv..

    I hope she'll get more attention in the anime so that her popularity will increase, thus also increasing the number of fanart xD;
  3. z3phyr.mp3
    2010-05-21 06:30
    honestly it's quite hard to find good quality pictures of her.. >.<
    the ones i used for my ava and sig are ones of the few that actually look nice..
    i did find another pic that's sig worthy which will replace my current sig soon.. ^^
  4. Von Himmel
    2010-05-21 05:14
    Von Himmel
    Hi, dropping in to say hi ~

    It's nice to see another Lily's lover
    I can't find her pictures in the internet except for the one that you used for your ava and siggy....gah, is she really that unpopula, or perhaps that I didn't searched well enough ?

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