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Conversation Between z3phyr.mp3 and Marina
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  1. z3phyr.mp3
    2009-01-01 23:43
    i don't believe anyone is using the patchy sig...
    and i just watched the touhou doujin anime....
    makes me want a professional studio to make it even more... >.<
  2. Marina
    2009-01-01 19:34
    hey zephyr, haven't spoken with you in a while ^_^
    I was just curious if anyone was using your patchouli knowledge siggy, and if not, if it is available for use?
    Also - have you seen the Touhou anime yet? I guess episode 1 is out~
  3. Marina
    2008-07-31 21:22
    Heyyy, nice to see an entry from you in August's sig of the month thread~
  4. Marina
    2008-07-24 21:11
    z3phyr, to your knowledge, has anyone claimed the Tamaki (BB) sig?
  5. Marina
    2008-07-17 18:01
    Very nice new Tomoyo sig you made z3phyr
    I also saved your Horo sig! I hope to use sometime soon if no one else uses it. Keep up the great work!
  6. Marina
    2008-07-12 22:02
    Thanks once again z3phyr ^_^ Sent you a plate of cookies!
  7. Marina
    2008-07-10 00:27
    I <3 your recent sigs z3phyr! You're really on a roll with that lovely new style~
    I would love you even more if you made a Saigyouji Yuyuko or Syameimaru Aya sig
  8. z3phyr.mp3
    2008-05-30 20:38
    was just surprised that theirs a new system in AS...
    i haven't updated my sigs in awhile...
    maybe when JSaimoe kicks into fullswing i'll start updating...
  9. Marina
    2008-05-30 18:13
    Thanks for accepting the invite Have always loved your campaign sigs and check your site for updates all the time!

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