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Conversation Between Hunter and Rurik
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  1. Hunter
    2014-12-19 13:21
    Hello yourself. Don't worry about being too busy, I have barely the time to quickly pass by every now and then myself.
  2. Rurik
    2014-12-13 09:36
    Hello Old geeazer, Sorry I have been MIA, honestly, my life has become really busy, and I barely have time to read or pass by around this place, I hope you are doing good, lets get in touch to catch up on life in general.
  3. Rurik
    2012-06-06 23:02
    lol. still it was kind of notalgic seen you enganged in a debate, But Im back for good, read trough almost 80 chapters in a couple of days. Im hating the fact that so far every "villain" in the show isnt really bad, just misunderstood.
  4. Hunter
    2012-06-05 15:48
    Long time no see Rurik.
    And I was actually starting to get a little carried away before my conscience by proxy (read james) reminded me that maybe, just maybe, it would be best if I stopped ^^
  5. Rurik
    2012-03-20 02:02
    Hey Geezer, I might have been way, but I still lurk around, =P
  6. Rurik
    2011-08-20 01:54
    Well, I moved from where I used to live, and now I have been living in the US for some 6 months now, Things here are different, but so far is the good kind of different.
  7. Hunter
    2011-08-13 22:44
    Slow down there tiger, we haven't been talking for a longer time than you seem to think! What's this about a new country?
  8. Rurik
    2011-08-07 23:11
    Base on your words you are doing great, same old Hunter , anyway, as for me, Im trying to get used to this new life in a new counttry, this is so much different where I used to live, and to be honest my manga reading have gone to 0, but with some signs to return. So, you will be seen more of me, even in the Naruto forum (well no surprise considering recent Manga spilers)
  9. Hunter
    2011-08-07 22:57
    Hey you, long time no see.
    I keep too busy as usual, I try to keep an eye on the forum but to be honest I've a hard time looking it up more than once a week in the best of case.
    That said I'm not here for 2 minutes that I'm already distributing perm-ban like it's candy so business as usual I guess.
    And how're you doing?
  10. Rurik
    2011-08-07 22:52
    Yo Hunter, how is it going around?

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