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Conversation Between Hunter and Rurik
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  1. Rurik
    2010-11-29 15:51
    Hey old man, remeber about the Manga Leviathan? Well I finally reached the end, all I can say is that towards the end I didnt understand almost anything that very confussing!
  2. Rurik
    2010-08-27 13:32
    I actuallly posted this in my wall.....

    Well, I have been less fortunate than you guys with work...this days has been very boring for me, but I still can have some fun poking around here...

    Either way, I see that James finally got the nod for MOD, let see if he can take the presure of thousands of NaruXSaku fans breathing down his neck....
  3. Hunter
    2010-08-24 13:42
    Still in the same situation than Hellychan apparently I keep way too busy with work. I ought to take some vacation. Something like a decade.
  4. Rurik
    2010-08-24 13:24
    Hey Old Man, long time no see, so, how are things doing in Limbo?
  5. Rurik
    2010-04-19 10:35
    Wao, someone is actually thaking GOD you are a mod
  6. Hunter
    2010-01-21 00:26
    I'm quite alright I guess, very busy is all.
    As you probably noticed I hardly have had any time at all for posting in the forum lately, with any luck it might change a little after this month ^^

    edit : oh and I just saw it was your birthday last month, happy birthday a "little" late then!
  7. Rurik
    2010-01-19 16:04
    Yo old Geizer, long time no see, How everything doing in the front?
  8. Rurik
    2009-09-21 08:29
    LMAO, I can't believe that a love pairing Thread was going to get so flamable....
  9. Rurik
    2009-07-31 13:13
    Damm, for some reason I came back to this page...Must be my sadomasochistic persona...Yeah...this is getting too creepy
  10. Rurik
    2009-07-31 08:23
    Ohhh God, You guys sometimes creap me out, you do, really!, Im ging to stop visiting this conversation page...

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