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Conversation Between Hunter and james0246
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  1. james0246
    2013-05-15 09:39
    Sorry about that. My internet connection went down from some reason. So I went to sleep instead of worrying about creating the new thread .
  2. Hunter
    2013-05-03 12:10
    Enjoy your movie (well it's probably finished by now), I'm supposed to see it tomorrow. I hope it won't be as boring as the 2nd one though.
  3. james0246
    2013-05-03 10:23
    I'm in a theatre right now waiting for iron man 3 to start, so I have 8 minutes to read your post...damn not enough time to respond to your long post.
  4. Hunter
    2013-05-03 09:38
    This is terrible. I'm still in vacation for 5 days, I'm bored out of my mind and I was counting on you to argue about something, anything!
    Oh well.
  5. james0246
    2013-05-03 08:55
    Will be out of technological range until next Wednesday. Can you handle any thread creations on the 8th (or sooner)?
  6. james0246
    2013-03-29 16:30
    I actually got all of that from your original post (well, not the April 1st part, but that is only because I included today when I counted the 3 days (Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday...which is part of the reason I made the resurrection comment...well that and I was making fun of your messiah complex )).
  7. Hunter
    2013-03-29 16:09
    Hmm and I just realized my previous vm wasn't very useful if what you wanted was to understand the joke but it's half a stupid and untranslatable pun between Back from the Future and the Pentecost, half a private joke about having an epiphany from the grave and a third half (and the only one understandable in english) about the fact that itachi-san and me agreeing on something must be an April fool in advance.
  8. Hunter
    2013-03-29 11:27
    Well considering being always right is obviously(!) something I share with Hashirama and Naruto I might as well have the Messiah thing going on too.
    And 3rd days from now comes right on April fool so that's perfect, I'm so bubbly and super fun!
  9. james0246
    2013-03-29 11:11
    Originally Posted by Hunter View Post
    Great Scott I must have traveled 3 days into the future!
    Is that a resurrection joke? .
  10. Hunter
    2013-01-30 01:13
    Lucky you, I'm just out of mine.
    Anyway, let's kryptonite this for a while, I officially renounce all thread making duty for the next month or so!

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