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Conversation Between Forceflow and Cat Megex
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  1. Cat Megex
    2008-06-26 10:02
    Cat Megex
    Good ol' Loituma leek spin.
  2. Forceflow
    2008-06-26 09:07
    She seems to have some weights around her feet now.

    Might be drifting to the ground if it wasn't for her floatation devices.

    That and the helicopter leek spin keeps her buoyancy.
  3. Cat Megex
    2008-06-25 10:56
    Cat Megex
    [Originally posted last night at 22:42, GMT-4, but in the wrong place.]


    I was at work earlier; I guess Cloudcuckoolander land is in a time zone offset from Eastern Standard Time (which is usually GMT-5, though that changes depending on Daylight Saving Time).

    Speaking of Cloudcuckoolanders, how's Orihime doing? I haven't watched Bleach in a while, ever since Flomp-Rumbel kinda set it on the side burner. (No need to answer this if you don't watch Bleach, or haven't watched it in a while.)
  4. Forceflow
    2008-06-24 20:43
    I actually scoured danbooru.

    I'll upload the rest when I get back home.

    busybeebusybeebusybee (@work)
  5. Cat Megex
    2008-06-24 20:40
    Cat Megex
    If I come across any trap pictures that aren't already up, I'll be sure to upload them to the group.
  6. Forceflow
    2008-06-24 20:22
    "We Have Cake!"


    See how much I can upload.
  7. Cat Megex
    2008-06-24 11:27
    Cat Megex
    I like your "We have cake" one.

    Not very long after, someone should say "and it's NOT a lie!"


    EDIT: you are now Captain of Visual Affairs.
  8. Forceflow
    2008-06-24 09:15
    We need something to shout as a salute. XD
  9. Cat Megex
    2008-06-24 08:12
    Cat Megex
    Welcome to the group, comrade.

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