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Conversation Between Eurys and BleachOD
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  1. BleachOD
    2008-07-07 12:59
    BleachOD not gong to say I see or don't see?
  2. BleachOD
    2008-07-07 11:46
    I like Ranka because she cute. That's right now. I used to feel the same way about Orihime. So that could change. I keep saying that but everyone dismisses that fact.
    But I like cute and Strong characters
    Ergo Proxy besides Vince...I love Pino

    FMP ...Chidori...depends on the character. I don't just prefer certain types.

    No ...they aren't alike at all. That's the thing? I thought that's what you thought...

    The thing is... I really don't care much about elaborating because I am Bleach a serious Bleach Otaku. I usually don't even look at other forums so I am only half assing it.

    Because why start something I really am not going to finish. I talk shit because of that's me.(You should know that) So you only have a high opinion of me if we are on the same team? That's fickle...Even if we don't agree...I wouldn't come at you like that

    And although I hate Orihime I love the fact that even though emo and jealous of Rukia. They remain dear friends. I only hate her because I used to love her just as much as I hate her...but her tunnel vision made me change my mind. I don't like Sheryl that much and prefer Ranka that could change... she doesn't do the things Sheryl does.

    I want to explain...but it's not Bleach. And I don't hate Sheryl I just dislike her

    Ranka may be momentarily down but then she smiles and cheers up. She didn't let Alto being with Sheryl stop her from her dream. Orihime would have cried at least three times. Probably slit her wrists to boot. I see the parallels between the two characters but also the BIG difference. I thought people would find it odd I ship Ranka and Alto not they will really think I think she's a threat

    No Inoue is a non entity and will never be so she should focus on something else
    Ranka right now has small chance that she never had

    Damn it I keep going back to Bleach

    Now I said I am going to explain and I will but unlike Bleach. I am not delighted to pick up and argument, I am not pacing preoccipied or trying to find a sitter because I must do this posts. And I don't care what other users think...that's a lie. I am hoping my ego will kick in and I will have the desire to prove my side. But if everyone is already biased why bother? When I don't care about any couple really but IchiRuki...

    That's all...
    Besides I only had 7 hours of sleep in the last four days counting the two I got this morning...I am guilty of insomnia and rambling...bleachers know that...

    So when I just ramble they ignore me because they know I am sleep deprived.

    But I will show you what I mean. Doesn't mean you will agree. Also those mega posts I pull out sometimes takes days to construct. Especially when I don't know the episode time by heart that I want to screenie. WIth Macross I am going in blind and it's actually quite refreshing to root for the underdog.

    See You have preconceived notions about why I hate Orihime. If you didn't you'd know why I do not compare her to Ranka.

    Ok...I just popped in for a minute and ended up rambling I don't even know what I said...I will check beck when I am fully rested.
  3. Eurys
    2008-07-07 11:15
    All's fair in love triangle debate, no?
    I'm just honestly puzzled by your lack of coherent and convincing arguments, as well as by your double-standard concerning Ranka and Orihime, because believe me, they are the same archetype.
    I thought you were the kind of women who enjoyed strong confident and proactive female characters, but I only see you repeat how Ranka is the cutest loli ever...
    I don't know, it just...radically changed my opinion of you
    No bad feelings though.
  4. BleachOD
    2008-07-07 08:34
    BleachOD hate me now. You seem mad in the macross thread?

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